The Last Console Generation?

With the recent unveiling of the Wii U, and internet chatter talking about PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 being unveiled (if not released) next year, it looks like we will be ushering in a new generation of consoles in the very near future. But do we actually need another generation of hardware, and what do we hope for from the next generation?

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scruffy_bear2709d ago

Can't wait to see what MS and Sony bring to the next gen :, game's that will look like this will be amazing but the gameplay needs to match the graphic's

qwertyz2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I hope next gen consoles have at least 12gb ram(ram is much cheaper than it was in 2005/2006. they will need it in order to handle Samaritan tech demo graphics the demo was running on 3 gtx580 (which have 1.5gb vram each) an i7(12 cores I'm amusing they used 3 quad core i7s) and I think 8GB ram.

AhmadCentral2708d ago

12GB of ram is not going to happen. Btw you can't really compare pc specs with console specs, they;re quite different.

Pikajew2708d ago

It won't be the last console gen. As long as there is innovation we will have consoles

Hicken2708d ago

I'll just agree with you here. I couldn't figure out how respond without sounding like a dick.

jacksonmichael2708d ago

Please let me know what your other comment options were. Lol.

Hicken2707d ago

It wouldn't have been nice; the very cleaned up version is that this is a silly article, written by a similarly silly person.

EVILDEAD3602707d ago

LMAO @ Hicken spamming inboxes with false information and then block responses because he's scared of the truth..

Fan Kids on N4G are hilarious...

On topic..the ball is already rolling..this gen is two years away from officially being done.

Pikajew is correct consoles are far from over..but who knows what gthe lanscape will look like 5 years from now


Hicken2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

[email protected] evildead stalking people while spreading ignorance as "truth."

Edit: Enjoy playing Uncharted and other console exclusives on your "superior" PC.

EVILDEAD3602707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Superior PC? What r u even talking about? I play Uncharted on my Slim just like anyone else who OWNS and plays games send me messages in my inbox..and when I call you on your fake you can't even name the 20 exclusives you pretend came out..then you send some silly rant and block me like a little girl...LOL

Look..your not even worth a bubble or even close to following..because your simply a one console fankid who doesn't even play the games he talks about. You've never even played Gears but hypocritically say that the sequel is the same game as the one before. Don't worry about a console you'll never play. Simply enjoy the games on your console of choice.

On topic..

WiiU will be released next holiday..The new Xbox will be in stores by holiday 2013..and Sony will follow.

The success or lack of success of the next gen will be known 5 years from now. This will determine the landscape. What will also change how we play is if Apple or others jump into the fray. By the we may by on Ipad 4 or 5..who even knows what products will compete with consoles.

Only time will's going to be fun to see how it all unveils


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meganick2707d ago

True, and as long as consoles offer exclusive games that people want, that you can't play on computers, then consoles will stick around.

zinkabassy2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Maybe ,.. because gaming is getting to shit really fast,..
It used to be about games,.. now most publishers are more concerned how to leech money from us... Shit is always good for them,.. Nothing industry ever does is good for us,.. Hell you must agree to god knows what in eulas before you can even start a game,.. this shit is incredible,.. look at this guy
Will stop now, because everything I would say from now on I have written to many times today ,.. about monetizing advertizing and making gamers caught into their social systems instead of supplying them actual games and could be considered MS hate(because I really dislike them for 20years now),.

Shit is getting really bad really fast,.. And they have us in these fanboy clubs instead of some unity,.. and they are just fucking us left and right,..

and to predominantly PC gamers,.. (I am also a PC gamer) Don't think what these fuckers are doing to us does not concern you,..

nCiTy2708d ago

If anything I feel like consoles keep slowly becoming PCs.

Mr Tretton2708d ago

I don't think they're becoming PCs fast enough.

AWBrawler2707d ago

i prefer to keep those separated. I want my MMOs and RTS on my PC, and my Marios, Zeldas, and Smash Bros. on consoles

meganick2707d ago

I think it's more accurate to say they're becoming more PC-like, but I know what you mean.

jacen1002708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

graphics wont make a difference in gameplay so unless other innovations are brought forward the gen wont move because graphics is not the key in generation leaps , pc's already exist if consoles keep upping the graphics and power eventually they will become pc's or on the other hand you would be better owning a pc because it is best of both worlds

SoapShoes2708d ago

What do you have to say for PC then? It keeps going forward and all that changes are the graphics... PC doesn't have innovative hardware to play games, it doesn't need it and frankly I don't think consoles need it either. It's all about gameplay and more power often does allow for new types of gameplay.

jacen1002708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

ther is only one way u can play a game with a control so no power dosent make for different gameplay, on the other hand you would call what the wiiU is doing next gen.
also pc's were not developed originally to play games nor do they class there self as gaming consoles but consoles are gradually becoming pc's
also pc's dont get classed under GENS because hardware is evolving rapidly and pc's are constantly upgradable , consoles are not

N4g_null2707d ago

Pcs keep getting bought because there are apps out their where the name of the game is make millions in real money. So that's why you get the rush for pc tech. Right now there is not a reason to get the most high end video setups unless it helps you make games faster lol.

Yet console you are just waiting on content, waiting in the hype. On pcs you can just go and get a 3d app and an engine and go crazy if you want. On consoles your are waiting on the content.

The key for console has always been take the tech make fun games not wait on the tech, wait on the power, or ohhhhhh look at my powerful console. Yet thanks to none console friendly console makers real console game makers are being marginalized ever so more by web sites and gamers. You all know some thing is wrong but at least the graphics are good.

If power is your goal then you should just be a pc gamer. You guys are confusing developers.

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