Call of Duty: Elite Hits Xbox LIVE

Activision has this morning launched the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Elite programme on Xbox LIVE for Xbox 360. Available on an invite-only basis at present, the full programme will roll-out to Call of Duty players everywhere in the near-future.

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zealottt2649d ago

lol at anyone that buys this.

Halo and BF3 have basically the same thing - for free.

RustInPeace2649d ago

Weren't there reports/claims that there is a bare minimum free version of this if you're not willing to fork out the cash for....whatever the hell this really is?

FN_Pryde2649d ago

*Facepalm* I have so much pent up rage about this Elite thing. >_<

Good article, though.

lodossrage2649d ago

Sure as hell could have fooled me. But then again, I'm probably unaware because I don't give Call of Duty much attention anyways.

electricshadow2649d ago

I think I read somewhere around two million people signed up for the Elite beta, so I would say that's highly anticipated.

Raven_Nomad2649d ago

Almost 3 million people signed up for the beta. I'd say that makes it highly anticipated. I cant wait to try it out.

If they mark the cost as less then 3 map packs per year I'll definitely sign up, since you get the map packs included in the Elite program. Plus the stat tracking and everything else is far beyond anything else out there right now.

Call Of Duty Elite is for the hardcore users only and it's optional, so stop your whining. If you didn't care about COD, you wouldn't be posting in this topic.

Reborn2649d ago

Where did he say he didn't care about COD? He just said he gave it minimal attention.

A chance to test a service/product, before deciding to opt for the real deal? Of course many people would give it a whirl.

lodossrage2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

What whining? All I said is I was unaware and didn't give it attention much. I didn't say I didn't give it attention AT ALL. You need to be a little less stupid and get that reading comprehension of yours in check before you comment fanboy :)

Armyntt2647d ago

I believe both Raven and Lodossrage are fanboyz. The COD fanboy and the antiCOD fanboy. j/k :)

bozebo2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

If it can stream live gameplay then surely it can be used to DDoS CoD players? (the host's upload bandwidth won't be very high). Lol @ Activision's non-thinking. That is why a lot of other games don't do that, but CS:S has had it for a very long time - though it runs off dedicated servers so it can't be abused as easily. I hear DotA 2 will also have live streaming, but it is peer 2 peer like CoD... interesting.

KeiserSosay47882649d ago

I still haven't seen anything that warrants a price tag yet. I watched that 20 min video yesterday and nothing they showed hasn't already been available to halo players through for free.

DarkTower8052649d ago

That's because there is no price tag, it's free. You only pay if you want to join tournaments with real prizes, and with that fee you get all map packs. I thought this had been explained already.

jdktech20102649d ago

Well that's good because everything but playing for prizes that they showed is free....enjoy stat tracking, clans, heatmaps, weapon intel, map intel and social networking features for free.

Hooray for google

Mikeyy2648d ago

KeiserSosay4788 fails at reading.

Infact ALL the ELITE haters completly got TROLLED over COD elite, They have NO CLUE what it is.


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