Could the Next Xbox be Coming in 2015?

Will the next Xbox console come in 2015 and support Windows 8's successor? According to the latest from the rumor mill that may just be the case. Microsoft wants to provide cross-system functionality for PC, Mobile, and game consoles. Check out all the details on the rumor below.

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kataloni102709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

2013 :)

ps4 2015 or 2014

S_C2709d ago

2015, No thats far to late, it will either be out christmas 2012 or 2013 .... no later

pungello882709d ago

You think so? The Kinect is supposed to extend the lifespan of the Xbox. I am hoping something new comes out earlier but if this new OS is the driving force and MS can milk the Kinect I see them doing that.

flipmop442709d ago

I really hope they don't rush it as i'd love to see a console that truly blends the pc with home console experience

ares21al2709d ago

This is a more sensible release than the rumored 2012 ps4. There simply is not enough time to hype it properly, 2015 on the other hand...

Calm Down Sunshine2709d ago

I hope so, that sounds like a decent timeframe..

Any earlier isn't really necessary, there's nothing wrong with the current tech.

pungello882709d ago

I guess. 2015 seems far off and I want new stuff now, but I guess on the flip side I don't really want to invest a few hundred dollars in a new game system then a few hundred more on games anytime soon. I don't know what I want

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The story is too old to be commented.