Final Fantasy Type-0: Only Fine Tuning and Debugging Remain

Andriasang: Final Fantasy Type-0 appears to be nearing completion. In a post at the game's development blog today, director Hajime Tabata said that all that remains in the game's development is tuning and debugging.

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laaakokaracha2713d ago

fine tuning, debugging AND localization remain..

Bring it on SE!

tiffac2713d ago

Yes ship this baby asap after your done and start working on FFXIIIVs!

tablav2713d ago

A lot of work has been done on FFIII Vs, however I think they're still low on artworkers, so maybe it will ramp up in speed when this is finished. But then is the team that works on portable titles completely different to consoles?

tiffac2713d ago

I think the major staff members are the same if I'm not mistaken. I forgot I haven't followed the development team for both games for a long time now. ^^;

Goeres2713d ago

The game looks soooo good. Honestly, SE has been great with Final Fantasy titles on handhelds this gen with Crisis Core, both Dissidia titles and now this.

Ddouble2712d ago

Yea too many people overlooked SE's handheld games this gen.