1.5 Million Daily Users on Netflix Wii

Nintendo is claiming over 1.5 million users are jumping onto Netflix on the Wii, every day. The service was released for the Wii back in April, 2010.

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vikingland12623d ago

Thats 1.5 million SD users personaly I only watch HD with netflix.

AWBrawler2623d ago

you done being an ass?

OK and trust me SD or HD, doesn't make me enjoy Scott Pilgrim any more or less than I already do. Elitist are so funny

vikingland12623d ago

Elitest hmmmmm you pay the same for SD as HD I beleive I get more bang for my buck.

Sugreev20012623d ago

There's no sense arguing with these Nintendo fanboys,bro.They own the disagree button here on N4G.

AWBrawler2622d ago

no way. Sony fans own the disagree button lol. I saw a guy get over 100 diagrees for an anti-sony post

v1c1ous2623d ago

you know Wii has component cables...or you think you can only get HD on hdmi?

N4SIR2623d ago

yeah... what all these fanboys thinking... using component cables on the wii means you can stream HD... WTF right??? RIGHT!?!?!?!?!

Pikajew2623d ago

You dont watch any movies or shows in SD? You are missing out

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Titanz2623d ago

That makes the Wii, a multimedia device? :P

CrescentFang2623d ago

Was expecting you to put on... sunglasses?

DJMarty2623d ago

Pretty poor numbers when you consider how many Wii's have been sold worldwide.

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