Movie-Based Games, Here Are 5 That Didn't Suck

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Most video games based on movies get a bad rap – and for good reason. Shoddy titles slapped together to cash in on popular licenses, such as the infamous 1982 Atari atrocity, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, have lead countless gaming children to cry uncontrollably and throw their controllers at the television. As we gamers grow older and wiser, we know better than to buy a game from name recognition, but we cannot take back the hours wasted with landfill-worthy software in our youth; nor can we do much to prevent these Trojan Horses from invading the homes of young, gullible innocents who don’t know any better.

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ultrapepe2680d ago

If I remember correctly, Dune II had a lot of problems with it, so much so that Westwood had to make a remake of the game titled Dune 2000. Which was a fun but buggy game.

agentxk2680d ago

He forgot one of the best movie games of all time! Spider-Man 2. I remember just swinging around NYC for hours.

Nitrowolf22680d ago

I thought X-men wolverine was a good movie game title, but Spiderman 2 oh man i remember doing the same thing for hours to.

agentxk2680d ago

Yeah, it was like Grand Theft Spiderman