Is Sony or Microsoft Taking The Right Approach to Community Development?

Gaming Irresponsibly's Callum writes: As all console manufacturers know without the people who develop the games your console is worth nothing. What’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a console that has no games? But how can you ensure that you have a nice big variety available for all to play? I would say that it’s the smaller developers who are going to cause a big sensation in the coming years.

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ultrapepe2629d ago

Start making the consoles software open-sourced. Then we will see a baloon effect in terms of content. As we are with Android devices.

agentxk2629d ago

although open source works the best for the consumer it is far from an ideal option for the producer. The best thing that we can hope for is more games with creation options. LBP, Infamous 2 and Disgaea 4 all have some form of option

KingPin2629d ago

while i agree with you, when it comes to open sourcing console software, people tend to abuse it. some hackers/crackers will decide to jailbreak the system costing development companies money.

the reason Linux works is because no development companies get affected by it.

agentxk has the right idea though.give them creation options. however the only problem with that is it might be quite limited. unless ofcoz people were able to import textures from external sources. similar to that of FL STUDIO. <thats music making software but you can see how the concepts are similar>

ultrapepe2620d ago

Open Source or closed, Systems are hacked regardless.

tiffac2629d ago

We already have the PC for that don't we? In terms of open-sourced software and such and MS has supported indie developers for quite awhile now while Sony just dump money on their own end as well.

limewax2629d ago

Indie games are hidden away on XBL, and they never push them with advertisement, At least sony do tend to plaster them over the store etc

thebudgetgamer2629d ago

microsoft has xna that anyone can use, build a game and have it published on the 360.

so point microsoft.

rdgneoz32629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"But how can you ensure that you have a nice big variety available for all to play? I would say that it’s the smaller developers who are going to cause a big sensation in the coming years."

They do have the Sony Pub Fund which has helped some small developers create games already.

"create an exclusive title for the network, Sony will match your development budget with guaranteed royalties. Sony will help you with game design and marketing plans, but you'll own the IP, be the publisher, set the price"

hazelamy2629d ago

gotta agree there.
one thing i think ms have got right is allowing small indie developers the chance to creat titles for their machine without the need to shell out thousands for a full dev kit.

i really don't know why sony haven't got some sort of indie program going.
it's not like it'd be something totally new for them, they kind of pioneered it with the yaroze on ps1 and the linux kit for ps2, though i never saw anything created on the linux kit, i did play a few games created with the yaroze though.

Taz Yamauchi2629d ago

I thought the article is about Community games not hacking, What does this have to do with Geohot Hobbit in the picture

Legion2629d ago

Just a thought. Read the article and it might give you at least one idea why the picture was used.

gbdasbutch2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Dumb article there is no comparison to be made between the PS3 being hacked to enable piracy and the stuff people are doing with the kinect. Sony have done much more to support user generated content in games such as UT3, LBP, modnation racers and infamous 2 than is mentioned in this article

FlashXIII2629d ago

I disagree with this article however I think it depends on how you define community. To me the "community" is the people who get behind your product who you know will support you. In this department Sony wins because they always have the core gamers in mind whenever they make something new. Their approach to motion control shows this with them spending more time focusing on getting motion control support for their core exclusives than making a bunch of family friendly casual stuff.

I'm sure some small developers will create a few games which will sell really well on consoles and really be a hit however, I think they will be few and far between. I bought a console to play state of the art games (for consoles anyway) and if I want to play stuff like angry birds, I'll do so on my phone.

Ever since buying a ps3 and now owning a xbox 360, ps3 and a PC, I really don't have enough time to think about smaller games when I'm at home. That's why I will just get them for my phone for when I got 15 minutes waiting for friends to show up or the bus or something.

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