Modern Warfare 3 - Improving the Call of Duty Experience

MMGN writes: With the imminent release of the Call of Duty Elite beta forthcoming, what better time than to look at the upcoming November release of Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward today detailed its agenda with Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer component, and so we put it forth to MMGN members as to how the experience can be bettered from Modern Warfare 2.

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AstroZombie12680d ago

Dedicated servers or GTFO out IW/Activision

FFXI1012680d ago

I agree, they are big company I don't see why can't they can't afford the dedicated servers.(especially charge people $15 every DLC, whereas others might charge $9.99 or less)

"Better Spawning and NO spawn trapping"
"Treyarch did work to stop it from happening all together in Black Ops"

They make it worst, I believe many of us have the same experience. Spawning infornt of enemy and get shot from both side.

Not only that, there was one time I play on a normal match(usually I play HC) against a clan, we got kill everytime we spawn(I guess there is a way to force people spawn on some spot)Not sure how they did it. I think they play too much that they figure out where the spawn might be.

To me, CoD4 MW was a better game and more balance than Black Ops.