Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten will come with minor adjustments

NIS America announced today that Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten will have minor restrictions in the Map Edit mode due to certain regulations.

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maniacmayhem2712d ago

Had no idea you could make your own maps. Great game just got better.

But still....i wish Laharal was the main character.

Ravage272712d ago

same here, i wasn't even aware that there was online elements in D4.

KillaManiac2712d ago

Map Editing adjustments:
-Instead of individual blocks to create maps, a number of preset “landforms” will be available for users to create their own maps.
-Multiples of the same object, not including geo blocks or characters, cannot be placed next to or on top of each other.
-Character/map names and descriptions will be randomized.

I can understand the 1st and 2nd, but 3rd is a odd addition.

#2 is there so people don't just crazy easy grind levels I assume.

#3 means you can't name your map?? O_o

ChronoJoe2712d ago

No they said it was due to certain regulations, it's nothing to do with having crazy easy grind levels. I believe the restrictions are to prevent the game having the freedom to create... whatever you want in their, potentially something offensive.

They obviously don't understand the ToS attached to the usual UGC games, in America/EU, or don't wish to use draw something like that up cause of the hassle.

Redempteur2712d ago

it's not about grinding it's about not having weird shaped levels with weird names " IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN".

Even if you grind there will be still something capable to beat you , especially online ..

Nicaragua2712d ago

Im really looking forward to this. I sunk a lot of time into the PSP Disgaea games.

Lovable2712d ago

Can't wait for this game. I've Platinum Disgaea 3, and this won't be an exception

baker_boi2712d ago

lol I refrain from playing Disgaea 3 with any kind of internet on so I wont be prompted to update!

I want my class world to remain the same until I've finished dupping all my stuff.

I know it sounds sounds strange but I've had the game since 2008 but I haven't completely gotten through with it...but when do you ever completely get through with Disgaea right?! lol Good times.