Modder Creates Nintendo 3DS Version of Minecraft

A Nintendo 3DS modder that goes by the name ‘Smelaum’ has created a homebrew version of Minecraft on the 3DS.

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LtSkittles2561d ago

There's a PSP one, called LameCraft.

Madusha2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Haha "Lame" craft? Minecraft is everywhere! I don't really enjoy the game too much though. Maybe in the future after they make bigger updates.

LtSkittles2561d ago

I find it's quite enjoyable, if you're bored, and found out by Joystiq, which posted this story too. It's only creative which is perfectly understandable.

Kroganwrex2561d ago

It's not for the 3ds moron, its for the DS.