Police: PS3 More Valuable than Picasso

A tongue in cheek story about how the Hoboken, NJ police department believes the public would rather steal a PS3 than a Picasso

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Nitrowolf22682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

lol not exactly what I was thinking, but makes complete sense when you put it like that.

Emilio_Estevez2682d ago

Yeah, kinda weird. Wouldn't know where to begin to sell a piece of historic artwork on the black market, but a PS3 I could work with.

thugbob2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

^^^ Exactly.

Only an art expert would have noticed the value of the artworks. The average person (the public) wouldn't notice the value of the artworks therefore that person would steal the PS3 instead of the million dollar Picasso artwork.

Xof2681d ago

...I would hope anyone would recognize a Picasso as being more valuable.

The chief problem with stealing one is selling it. If you don't have connections, it'd be impossible to get rid of something that hot.

mastiffchild2681d ago

Art is stolen to order. I covered a story a long time ago about a scam where a talented fraudster and his amazingly talented artist mate used to make out, to clients, they had located and could take particular artworks. They would show how they would be able to get it but then just make a copy and sell that as the original. The planning and set up convinced the buyer, along with the talent of the copyist, that all was kosher and if the buyer finds out later what can they do once they paid?

Anyway, you'd need a buyer lined up and ready, and one you KNEW would pay up, way before getting hold otherwise it's beyond risky.

tdogg060519912681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

When you look at a picasso many people see it as a copy or fake, how else could someone get one an deem it not worthy. You would have to get it appraise it and people would have to know it was worth while. But running through an apartment you would just grab the PS3 its light and you could easily sell it for 200 or more.
Edit: There would also be no reason for high class thieves to steal anything in some apartment unless they already know its there. Any regular robber would easily pick the ps3 instead.

TBM2681d ago

I saw it this morning on the news I had to review my dvr to make sure I had heard him correctly lol.

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Bonobo123452681d ago

Poachers stole that codex in spain.
You'd think there would be no way they could sell it what with it being all over the news.
But often I imagine these thieves are hired by crazy collectors.

That or it was Nate!

Swiggins2681d ago

There are dozens of fakes and reproductions of Picasso paintings, at a glance nobody would think that a painting on a wall would be worth more than high grade electronics.

That said, it would be nigh impossible to sell something of that magnitude, it's not something you just show up with at a Pawn Shop and say, "Uhhhh yeah...I've got this priceless Picasso painting....and I was wondering if you'd like to buy it for say....$100,000?"

They'd look at you like you were crazy...unless it was the Pawn Stars guys then they'd bring in an expert in stolen paintings to tell them it was stolen...

BeastlyRig2681d ago

Picasso if real is worth how many ps3's?

Pintheshadows2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Bucket loads but good luck finding a fence.

No monty, it is because most people don't have access to an art fence who is willing to buy a 1 million plus pound painting from them in cash. If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Even stolen jewellery is very hard to move through legitimate channels. Most buyers of high end jewellery have an insurance folder with pictures and details of the owners etc to help identify stolen goods.

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