Square Enix's Comic-Con 2011 lineup

Square Enix has revealed their lineup for Comic-Con next week.

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Otheros002625d ago

I hope they got something good because all the game they release so far for HD consoles are crap.

Hicken2625d ago

I'd like to get my hands on XIII-2, but I'm not going to San Diego for it.

kurochi2625d ago

I don't even care anymore..... I've been disappointed for the last time with FF 13.......

just_sayin2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I would like to punch wata in the face for allowing XIII-2 to exist but i'm not going to japan for it.

CrimsonSquall2625d ago

Keep hatin, while SE keeps gettin money...

Inception2625d ago

lol, and SE gave you money right? right?

CrimsonSquall2624d ago

No, they gave me some good Video Game hours with FF X,XII, and XIII!

Inception2624d ago

FF X is Squaresoft not SE, and i like it. But FF XII & XIII sucks, and that's SE shiat ^^

CrimsonSquall2624d ago

Well I mean idk, my first FF game was FF X, and I was like in 4th or 5th grade back then... so I didn't really have many judgements on how FF games should go. I went to the store one day, found FF XII, and I just thought it was kike the best game ever man

Had to be the most open world FUN RPG game to date IMHO

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