1UP: Why Television Hates Video Games

Gamers are unemployed, maladjusted weirdoes who live in their parents' basements and never see the light of day -- or so most portrayals of video games on TV would have you believe. It seems that the entire medium of television doesn't get games. Maybe it's because Baby Boomer TV producers are lashing out against their biggest competition as their own networks become increasingly irrelevant by the day. Or possibly, they're just too old to understand. It could be, perhaps, that their shoes are too tight. Or it could be that their heads aren't screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may be that their brains are two sizes too small.

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Dart892471d ago

Tv sucks nowaday's not like back when i was kid when we had shows like The fresh prince of bel-air,TMNT,bobbys world,BeetleBorgs,Family matters,Mighty morphin power rangers..for those who don't know they have the whole MMPR season on netflix.

So that's why i rarely watch tv its just boring now.

LOGICWINS2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Yeah, daytime shows were WAAAY better back then. Wayans Bros, Pokemon, Max Steel, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Space, Lost Galaxy, Batman Beyond etc.

But primetime is where its at right now: Spartacus, Dexter, Californication, The Borgias, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad(excellent series) etc.

As far as the article is concerned, Black Ops did better commercially than any other game, book, movie, or CD last year. If people don't take gaming seriously as an entertainment medium then they're fools.

SilentNegotiator2471d ago

Oh come on. Of all of the shows from the ninties, you guys come up with power rangers and TMNT?

Off the top of my head; Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain, Doug, Ren and of genius, man.

barb_wire2471d ago

@ SilentNegotiator

Powdered Toast-Man FTW!!

don't forget Rocko's Modern Life, Beavis & Butt-Head even Courage the Cowardly Dog..

jeeves862471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

@ Logic Wins - All of those are from cable, this is article is concerned primarily with network television.

Also...a big factor in thinking all of those shows are awesome - nostalgia. You were a kid and thought it was awesome, that doesn't necessarily make it better than anything that is on television now.

Emilio_Estevez2471d ago

They are competition. A tv can be used for cable and games, but only 1 at a time.

SilentNegotiator2471d ago

Not with teh revolutionarie WiiUz!!

thebudgetgamer2471d ago

i get the feeling you don't like television.

gamejediben2471d ago

It's insulting to watch TV shows talk down to me because I like video games.

,,l,, you, TV writers.

I'll keep playing my games and you can watch your ratings go into freefall.

Stevor2471d ago

Hmm Jedi, doubt seriously they're worried about you not watching. You're not in the demographic they are focused on. They put these pointy heads on talking about video games the way Fox panders to the Tea Party it validates their (the viewers) point of view. In old school terms "it sells papers"!

mastiffchild2471d ago

Yep,preach to the choir and your message is always heard as it's the one they already believe. It's what keeps things shit. Like they always will be.

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