Uncharted 3 Pre-order Breakdown

Are you excited, I’m excited… you should be excited. And with the release creeping on up it’s time to consider your preorder options. And as always we here at Save & Quit have got you covered.

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garos822590d ago

cant fucken wait. naughty gods will deliver again and for that im extremely confident

Snowii2590d ago

forget uncharted i want a decent modern crash bandicoot game!

xabmol2590d ago

Forget Crash, I want a damn proper J&D sequel without all that GTA bullshit!

xabmol2590d ago

I see one person knows wtf I'm talking about. J&D 1 was the best J&D.

showtimefolks2590d ago

jak IN HD collection all 4 games which were made by ND

and Uc3 will deliver just play and beta and see that ND mean business its MP is not an after thought but a major part of the game

can't wait to try it out

Danielmccue2590d ago

I can play the Older Jak games on my ps2. I would rather have Jak 4.

jetlian2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

is the ring metal? Thats the only thing worth it in that CE.
they could have added the comic and some making of movies

this is the first year where I haven't seen 1 good CE

Solidus187-SCMilk2590d ago

I dont normally preorder games but I kinda want to get the creepy crawler kickback for the heck of it. I think you need the code for that and cant unlock it, unless it will be in the final game as an unlock.

I think it might be fun to mess around with that booster, and I think that might be one of the only ways to get it.

But i hate GS, but I think I still have 10$ credit maybe atleast.

jetlian2590d ago

think its in the game just you get it day vs going all the way to the last unlock

Solidus187-SCMilk2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

yes I was wondering if it is available to everyone in the final game once they reach a certain level or if you can only get it from a code.

In the beta it was only available to people who had a special code and you couldnt unlock it. I hope it is in the final game for everyone because I would like to try that booster out even if I dont preorder.

it looks like a fun booster instead of the boring ones available to everyone in the beta like rocket launcher and stuff.

edit-also the U3 beta is now over.

garos822590d ago

ive pre ordered it in the uk, do you know if we get the creepy crawler kickback here from any particular store?

Porkins4Life2590d ago

After checking around on a few of the main sites, I can't see any UK pre-order bonuses available

garos822590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

thanks porkin + bubbles

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