Op Ed: What We Want In The Next Red Dead

There have been multiple rumors about a future Red Dead title following Red Dead Redemption. While no one knows if this is true, they'll take you into a few ideas for what they want in the next big title.

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WhiteLightning2590d ago

Hopefully we won't play as Jack in the next game...

I want to play as Bonnie, apparently she got married when you play as Jack... it would be a pretty good story if her husband got killed and her character changed a little, thinking back to what John used to be like she could use him as her motivation to get back at the people who killed her husband in a revenge type plot.

I really wish John and Bonnie got together at the end of Red Dead...or have a DLC where Abbi/Jack get killed by the Government instead, John goes out for revenge and ends up with Bonnie at the end of the DLC..

MrSpace2589d ago

Would be nice to play as a women this time, and that idea is pretty badass.

NukaCola2589d ago

If I had to guess, R* could let us play a Coffy/Foxy Brown black chick in a 70's San Andreas. Pam Grier couldn't even voice I would love that.

Playing a girl in RD3 would work, but it ought to be a whole new title. Maybe set in New Mexico and feature a Mexican or Native American.

ikkokucrisis2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

My Number 1 Feature Request Change:

No Auto-Aim, Puleeeeaaaze

ShoryukenII2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I agree. We don't need full auto-aim on consoles. Why can't they make it possible to shoot without auto aim? I think Uncharted 2 had pretty good shooting with just vertical recoil. They should do it like that.

Edit: I just read the article and I think that writer stumbled on a really good idea. The working economy. I'd rather have it a mix of Harvest Moon and Skyrim (assuming it is good as it sounds). That would be my number one thing.

TheDirectGamR2590d ago

That would be really fun. And I was waiting for John and Bonnie to get together, too. I was actually surprised they didn't.

ThrazN72589d ago

lol no bonnie would be like 60 something XD.

i would instead like a new story in the late 1800's instead

MrSpace2589d ago

I don't think Bonnie is that old, even by 1914. She's only 27 when you play as John

TheLastGuardian20102590d ago

As much as I went a sequel to Red Dead, I've heard that Rockstar Sandiego are working on a new ip. One rumor says it's a war game, another says it's a pirate themed game.

Though, whatever there next project it is I'll be there day one.

TheDirectGamR2590d ago

Same here. I try to buy up all of Rockstar's games.

Solidus187-SCMilk2590d ago

I would like a co-op survival mode where hoards of bears and other animals attack you and you have to kill them all.

ainsz2590d ago

They should have done that instead of the Zombie tie - in.

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