A Bleak Future? OXCGN Discusses Cloud Gaming


"We at OXCGN are known for well thought out, opinionated pieces.

"Sometimes, this converges into an intellectual battle between two of us; sometimes it gets heated enough to turn into a debate.

"Other times, we agree too much and it is a discussion.

"Recently, I was conversing with OXCGN’s second in command David Hilton about multiplatform gaming.

Shortly after, we discussed something that might encompass a very bleak, very close future: cloud gaming."

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Proeliator2708d ago

Very thought-provoking debate/discussion.

Not a future I'm looking forward to!

BubbleSniper2708d ago

cloud gaming = consumers by the balls or vageen

Belgavion2708d ago

I'm happy to do away with discs altogether but agree that we're not quite ready for it yet

gaminoz2708d ago

I'm not happy with not owning my purchased software and being able to play it offline.

So while I don't mind as much downloading stuff that allows you to play it where and how you want, I don't like being tied to the internet (like some apps do when they don't really need to).

MintBerryCrunch2708d ago

having a physical copy of a game gives me the power to do what i want with that game, it really is psychological and we have been accustomed to buying copies of game, PC gaming has become mainly digital

BadCircuit2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I want hard copy games: I like collector's editions and can afford buying many more games if I sell or trade my old ones.

Internet has too much that can go wrong with it to put all gaming it its basket.

mananimal2707d ago

There's really no debate, if you have a brain, then you know the INDUSTRY, thats means ALL INCLUDED, is pushing and pursuing the eventual encompassing of ALL GAMING under the CLOUD. Which in short = DRM, for those who dont like what i just said, DRM, GO SCREW YOURSELF!!, its the TRUTH, its DRM, and there is NO DEBATE about it. blah blah blah on the so called benefits of this "Business Model", ...its always cheap in the beginning, then once it becomes the NORM, then they raise the prices, and your still are gonna be screwed. Any COWARD who says different is a "Ignorant Liar" who HATES the TRUTH, and would rather live a LIE, nuff said. P.S- disagree all you want sheeple, but when the New Generation Consoles come out, they'll be On Par and parallel with ONLIVE/STEAM, which are You WILL be shown to be Ignorant and uninformed in the END if you have not come to this simple understanding.