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VampiricDragon2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

new titles for brand new systems always see a jump. Wait until the holidays Expect a price drop when the time is right

dark-hollow2709d ago

just wait for the new 3ds models with price cut.
just like the original ds.

death2smoochie2709d ago

The system launched with piss poor titles...when more established titles launch sales will pick up..
I would not be surprised to see a price drop of the 3DS when Vita launches...

doctorstrange2709d ago

They launched it with awful games, they'd have been better off waiting imo

JsonHenry2709d ago

Yeah man, I wanted to justify purchasing a 3DS but with the titles launched so far I just don't see why anyone would want to own it yet.

Fox012709d ago

It's an overpriced POS, Nintendo deserves what they get.

jaizenmonillas2709d ago

This is so true, you can get PS Vita at the same price but the quality is so far advanced than the 3ds.

kingdavid2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Says the guy who probably paid 599 USD for a ps3.

Sony fanboys arent really in a position to argue "overpriced".

Fox012709d ago

Actually, I paid 600€ for my PS3 and it was worth even more at the time since Sony was losing about 100€ on it. The 3DS on the other hand looks like an overpriced garbage compared to the Vita. Nintendo s probably making $200 profit on that POS.

Neo Nugget2709d ago

I remember when people thought the PS3 was garbage when it came out. Now look at it!

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109876543212709d ago

@ rexbolt
"why dont u own a
3ds b4 u make that statement"
Because we still have our N64's, that's why.

rexbolt2709d ago

um i do own a 3ds and ur n64 statement makes 0 sence and those who disagree dont even no why u disagree ur replt FAILED why dont u own a 3ds? when i have one yeah u suck

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