Netflix to offer 3D movies for the 3DS (and other devices?)

Now that Netflix is avaliable for the 3DS, many people are wondering where the 3D content is. Apparently we may be seeing 3D movies soon according to a Nintendo press release.

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Inside_out2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Another nail in the bulky blu-ray coffin. It seems everybody wants to stream HD content ( 3d as well ) and move away from bulky physical media tho some keep telling me it's not happening...must be an illusion...0_o

The future lies in the cloud, With pretty much all new TV's running Internet connectivity and hard drives built in, you won't even need a console or physical player of any kind.

Take a look at On live which has been around a while...sure look neat, all you need really is a 360 controller...

MintBerryCrunch2627d ago

last time i checked the 3ds wasn't a blu ray player, there is a difference between 3d and high def, hell we had 3d back in the 1930's, it didn't mean the quality of the movies was amazing

ohh and you enjoy streaming HD content and using up all of your bandwidth just so you can have a quality picture that is hopefully on par with blu-ray

yewles12627d ago

Isn't the picture still gonna' be at 240p?

JoGam2627d ago

Another nail on the bulky blu-ray Coffin? Wat-cha talkin bout Willis?

Marceles2627d ago

Another nail? Where was the first nail?

charmer2626d ago

nice im sure thats coming real soon.. people are too impatient