Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be PlayStation 4 release instead

Product-Reviews writes: Considering all the countless delays on the game so far and this blatent confirmation that the development status on Final Fantasy Versus XIII is non-existant at the moment, is it really so farfetched to consider FFVXIII as a PlayStation 4 title instead of a PlayStation 3 game? It’s probably pretty accurate that the PS4 isn’t coming for another few years yet, but it’s clear that neither is Final Fantasy Versus XIII unfortunately.

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tr00p3r2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Square-Enix are being pretty unfair to fans by ignoring pleas to give at least a small indication on when the game will release.

As for a PS4 release, it wouldn't be surprising if this did turn out. If it's true that the game isn't even at prototype stage, then it definitely won't be out for at least a few years yet - just look how long it took them to get FFXIII out.

Such a shame..

sdtarm2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

"Final Fantasy Versus XIII could be PlayStation 4 release instead"

doubt it, square has lost a lot of money and there is no reason to release a game -from which they hope to make profit- in a platform without a large fanbase like the one the PS3 now has,

it would be counterproductive and would elevate the costs even more to upgrade a game that would be dated on a new hardware

ABizzel12685d ago


So you don't think that if FF13 vs. launches as a PS4 launch title that FF fans won't be waiting to pick up a PS4 day 1.

When a huge blockbuster game releases it's going to be gobbled up regardless of when it launches. People will drop the Turkey and Stuffing/Dressing from the Thanksgiving Day menu to get a Final Fantasy game, because that franchise is one of the few in gaming with that kind of power.

As far as being a PS4 launch title it would suck for having to wait that long, but it would be extremely important for the PS4 causing it to easily sell 5 million+ systems for the holiday season. IMO Sony needs to send some money their way and pull their weight in the company (since they own a part of Square Enix) so they can save it for the PS4. Have Square up the graphics as much as they can to make the game look like a PS4 launch title, because it's obvious they're no where near the alpha stages of this game, and the PS4 is coming around the corner soon (2013 no later than 2014) and if this game isn't in alpha yet it won't be done before that time.

Once again this point back to my blog about what's going on in Japan. They're not producing games nearly as frequently as North America and Europe has surpassed them for the 2nd biggest gaming market.

IMO they might as well move FF 13 Agito/Zero (the PSP game) over the the PlayStation Vita. The only thing probably keeping them from doing that is the PSP's new-found popularity in Japan.

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VileAndVicious2686d ago

I would be sooooo pissed if this happens

ABizzel12685d ago

We don't know when it's coming out, and obviously it's not coming out next year, so why are people complaining about this. It'll come out when it's ready. You've survived this long without it.

Mystogan2686d ago

It would mean that the game will have Better Graphics and more content, whats the problem?

if they would release now on the PS3 it would have less sales since it would be exclusive and if it IS multiplatform after all the 360 version would be really inferior and they would have to cut content again and have multiple discs like Final Fantasy XIII.

From a business perspective its not a bad idea at all.
Releasing it on Xbox 720 and PS4 would get them more sales. and Assuming it would be a launch title they would get EVEN more sales.

MaxXAttaxX2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

It would mean the graphics would be upscaled and sub-par to any other game next-gen.
Not only that but they announced this game almost 6 years ago and a new system 3 years from now would mean even more waiting.

It would have A LOT more sales if it released now because the PS3 has a large base of 52+ million. Compared to a next-gen launch release, whether it's exclusive or not, the sales would be a lot lower.
It's counterproductive.

blumatt2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I'd say it'll release on PS3, as planned. Of course I do hope that when the PS4 does come, we'll all be able to play Versus 13 on it, since it will hopefully be backward compatible with ALL PS3 titles. I hope the PS4 keeps the Cell architecture with 32 SPUs and 4GB of RAM, and an upgraded GPU from either Nvidia or AMD, etc. I hope it keeps bluray, but with a higher read rate of 8x or higher, and hopefully quad layer bluray capable (around 100GB+ per disc). I hope it allows the option of buying your games either on bluray or via the PS Store digitally. I hope the PS4 offers cross game chat, a party system, and in-game music standard for all of its games. I also hope there's in-game recording of gameplay and the ability to upload directly to Youtube.

Either way, I'll be excited to play Versus 13, the true Next Gen (maybe even Next next gen) Final Fantasy.

Reibooi2686d ago

Chances of Versus being a PS4 game is pretty much nil. One of the reasons the game is taking so long is because of the immense graphical detail the team is putting into it. Holding it back for a PS4 release would make all that pointless and considering the amount of money the game has had put into it it just makes no sense for SE to hold the game back.

There really are only 2 reasons the game is taking so long. Firstly is the immense quality of graphics they are trying to get into the game and that takes time. And 2nd is Nomura is 100% in charge of the game and he is a very busy man at SE he has involvement in nearly every game that comes out of the company(at least as far as the Japanese offices go) so it makes sense the game the game is taking so long.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2686d ago

I really hope Nomura hits this one out of the park.

sikbeta2685d ago

For some reason it doesn't surprise me, even if it's speculation, rumor or not, this game is in development for years and we keep waiting for it...

Nate-Dog2685d ago

Actually it's not Squeenix that are holding back on giving us an idea of when Versus might be out, but Nomura since he has stated he doesn't want to disappoint people even further by giving them a release date / probable release period and then have to delay it (and seemingly he has been right to do so even though it is quite annoying). Either that or he was just saying that before because he knew how far away from release the game was.

Either way I agree with the sentiments of most people here. It just won't happen since the whole reason this game is taking so long is the particular work they're doing with the PS3 regarding graphics, engine, etc. Spending 7 years with the PS3 tech and trying to utilise everything they can with it, and then trashing it all and starting with something new like the PS4? Can't happen.

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thugbob2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )


Are people disagreeing with you just because you are a well known troll lol?

I agree I don't want FFvs13 to be on the PS4. We need a GOOD FF game on the PS3. I don't have to play FF 13-2 to know that it will suck. FF13-2 has the same crapy battle system FF13 had which ensures that the only people that will like 13-2 is those that liked 13. FFvs13 needs to come out as soon as possible on the PS3.

Grip2686d ago

next time do not announce a game that u r sure u can make it in 2 years.. come on! this Sh!t Unveiled at E3 2006 and 5 years of work and not even one public gameplay.. Seriously what these guys doing in past 6 years ?

Godmars2902686d ago

Not adapting well to HD consoles for one thing.

dark-hollow2686d ago

we are about to get into a new gen of consoles and they still didnt atleast show us a PICTURE from the game itself??

Studio-YaMi2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

you've been living under a rock these past couple of months ? a full gameplay video was announced and even shared on youtube,and you're asking for a picture ???...seriously ! :S

Edit :
Although I do agree that it's taking them a LOT of time for this game,hopefully it's worth the wait,otherwise I am really gonna kill someone at Square Enix...

InfiniteJustice2686d ago

The fact it has only JUST reached the production stage is the worrying part:

At this point I'd just say to everyone: don't get your hopes up. Although I can't help but feel disappointed if Versus never made it to PS3, or never even made it to the shelves. Such a waste if so

stonecold32686d ago

2012 would be the time when ffvs 13 comes out on ps3.?

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