Mass Effect’s Normandy SR-2 ship replica priced and detailed

Bioware has revealed the price and several other details regarding the SSV Normandy Ship Replica - Cerberus Variant figurine based on Shepard’s ship in Mass Effect 2 and 3.

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Nate-Dog2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Pretty cool, but why didn't they put this in with the CE and add on the value of the model especially since it seems fairly cheap? I can't imagine it's that big either to be honest (although the Bioware site says it's 6 1/4" long). I think I'll just wait until (hopefully) a more detailed one comes out that'll be more expensive and know it's worth it. This just doesn't look as clean and slick as the real Normandy. (Or am I just expecting too much from an unofficial model? :P )

WhiteLightning2653d ago

I think it's because they can make us pay more if we buy this separately. If you looked on the Bioware forums a few months ago they were asking for people's input on a uber Mass Effect 3 CE since it's the last one in Shepherds trilogy. They then however canceled it for reasons they can't disclose.

To be honest they got them selfs into a situation where now people on the Bioware forums feel cheated that they asked for people's input then canceled it, I would be to I mean come on it's the last Mass Effect in the trilogy why not go out with a bang...but any thread you make about it Chris Priestly just locks it and says things like...

"Sorry JB, but this thread gets closed now.

The Collector's Edition is THE Collector's Edition. No polls or similar will change that, so there is no point in dwelling on this.


They know how much we want it but there not going to do it, great way for EA to make money and they are passing on it.

UltimateIdiot9112653d ago

Looks nice but at 6 inches for $35, I'm not so sure. I wish it was about 18 inches or something for $45. Die cast too.

Aloren2653d ago

18" die cast for $45 is wishful thinking though. But yeah, it should be 18", or at least 12"... 6 is too small.

UltimateIdiot9112652d ago

Yeah, after thinking about it, $45 for 18 is wishful. But 10 inches sound more reasonable.

PwnerifficOne2653d ago

Lol, I wanted one of these and felt I could spend $35 on it... and then I read that it was 6" xP. What a joke. I'll try to get it for $10 or $15 on Ebay or something.