June 2011: Xbox 360 sales, Microsoft responds, expects to outsell PS3/Wii

Microsoft has responded to the June 2011 NPD report.

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EasilyTheBest2590d ago

Wow, thats sum seriously good numbers.
Nearly sold double what they sold the month before.

September through to Christmas should be amazing for Microsoft.
Hope they have some of that 500 million Kinect advertising money left over.

DeFFeR2590d ago

You would have to assume that the deals Amazon ($299 for the Kinect bundle plus $100 gift card), Best Buy (Same deal a week later) and the MS promo (purchase a windows laptop $700 or more and receive a free 360) were big influences in why the system sold well in a typical "slow" month.

Bravo MS.

EcliPS32590d ago


That sounds like a real backhanded compliment, but your logic is flawed in more than one way.

1) Amazon isn't included in NPD numbers, as well as Walmart.

2) Promotional "free" items are not included in the NPD. These numbers pertain to units "sold" not given away.

StanLee2590d ago

@ EcliPS3

You know they all love a conspiracy theory. It's could be that Microsoft just sold a lot of consoles.

DeFFeR2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Backhanded? I was complimenting them!

I was trying to rationalize the number... I didn't know amazon wasn't included in NPD (knew about walmart) or the promo giveaways.

I like MS, so the "fanboy" [assumed with the "they all"] comment is 180 degrees wrong.

500 mil without amazon or walmart is amazing.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2590d ago

wow, I really wonder what made the numbers double over the previous month like that.

All console continue to sell shows there is at least another year of life in these consoles. A price cut later this year for 360/PS3 could make them sell like we have never seen before even.

Mr-Dude2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

We expect Xbox 360 to maintain its lead and to be number one worldwide by the end of the year, selling more hardware units than PlayStation and Wii.

Seriously? Outsell Wii?

Even the Ps3 is catching up every day if we have to believe the articles

@ Disagree Fairy's

im only saying the impossible, if they outsell Wii, im giving away my mother!

ElementX2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I wish Sony would release NPD numbers.

*EDIT* Nice stealth edit. What happened to your "PS3 is catching up...." sentence?

*EDIT* Whatever you just added it back.

Mr-Dude2590d ago

True, im very curious about that!

tiffac2590d ago

I also would like to know when this secrecy started.

captainjy2590d ago

I wish Sony would release Move numbers. Oh wait, there are no numbers...

Awesome work, MS! Xbox rocking in sales these days!!!

Foxgod2590d ago

They probably mean they will sell more units in 2011, not more units in total this gen.

On the current course its possible, the 360 had some very strong demands during the holyday seasons the past bunch of years.

air12590d ago

If I had a Dime for every time I read, "the ps3 is catching up"...

gaden_malak2590d ago

If I had a dime for every loudmouth Microsoft PR retard claim the same news that they outsold the competition, yet at the end of each quarter they still fail to outsell the PS3 and the Wii worldwide (and yes that is fact, check the numbers).

They're bragging about US numbers and hope to catch the Wii in the US. It has no chance of getting it worldwide.

DeFFeR2590d ago

Gaden - you say to check the numbers... where are you getting them from?

gaden_malak2590d ago

@Deffer - Official numbers from MS and Sony. they are release quarterly.

Even the unreliable vgchartz has Sony beating MS by about 800000 this year so far.

tiffac2590d ago

Well you got to give vgchartz some props they do work hard to get their data, even in a region like Asia where its hard to get.

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manumit2590d ago

MS still doing well in the US. Still riding the kinect wave maybe?

kewlkat0072590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

They will ride it into the next box....Xbox live makes mad money, and the console continues to sell well where it really matters and not so great in other areas. I guess you choose you spots.

The next console, if it's next-gen tech, will be "the one" everyone should get.

I think, it will integrate with Windows very well, as well as the tablets, phones, and Media players.

MS's got a plan that can easily be spearheaded because of the desktop domination/marketing/cash.

The original Xbox sold like 25 mill and the Xbox 360 looks to best that by a decent amount.

Xbox brand is no where near perfect. I wish it had more EXCLUSIVES/GAME STUDIOS but I game on every platform so, I really don't miss out on games regardless.

DaTruth2590d ago

Where exactly doesn't it matter to sell consoles?

kingdoms2590d ago ShowReplies(1)
YodaCracker2590d ago

"Xbox 360 sold 507,000 units in June, selling nearly twice as many units as other current-generation platforms"

"Additionally, Xbox 360 was the only console in the U.S. to show year-over-year growth in the month of June."


bukaz0id2590d ago

Hardware sales from 2010 june NDP:
NDS - 510.7K
Xbox 360 - 451.7K
Wii - 422.5K
PS3 - 304.8K
PSP - 121K

So PS3 and Wii sold less then there previous numbers.

Vega752590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

they sold that much without an exclusive WTF is all i can say

@below. I didn't mean it like it sounded sorry. i meant without a major exclusive. kinect games as well as XBl games count as exclusives. but people on this site only beleive "core games" are the only exclusives

Foxgod2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

WEll, Kinect counts as an exclusive.
I am not into kinect myself, but its still a consumer product.
We cant just dismiss Kinect cause you and me are not interested in it.

On top of that, Forza and Gears are coming in a few months, and they are currently flocking quite some hype.

xPhearR3dx2590d ago

That's because people don't care as much for exclusives as people on N4G make it out to be. People buy consoles based of preference, which could include: friends that have X console, the controller, UI, service etc. I prefer the Xbox 360 over PS3, but I can tell you right now PS3 has better exclusives. The only exclusive I really care about is Gears. I enjoy Fable and Forza, but Gears is where it's at. The rest is meh.

manumit2590d ago

Couldn't agree with you more, except for "the rest is meh" I fu**ing love Halo and Crackdown.

xPhearR3dx2590d ago


Crackdown was great, C2 was a little disappointing though. I really only enjoyed the first Halo, the rest sucked IMO besides Reach which was okay. What MS needs is another damn Conker game. They need to kick Rare's ass and get them into gear. Kinect Sports was a great Kinect title (probably one of the best) but I want Conker damn it.

firemassacre2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

lol at kingdoms, what a fool. npd has been good for xbox, but dude...when you said ps3 isnt more powerful ... you lost credibility.


DaTruth2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Exclusives have nothing to do with it per se! People who buy game consoles like games, and the console with multiplatform games & exclusives has more games than the console without exclusives!

I can't believe you guys don't get this yet!

Nobody cares if a game is excluding others; they just want more games! People don't sit around playing their games thinking: "this game would have much better gameplay if it were exclusive!" or: "I would be enjoying this game so much more if I knew others were excluded from playing it!"

Maybe in some places people prefer their products to be substandard compared to their counterparts on the market!

Legion2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

@DaTruth "Exclusives have nothing to do with it per se! People who buy game consoles like games, and the console with multiplatform games & exclusives has more games than the console without exclusives!"

And yet Xbox 360 has more games to play on their system but PS3 gamers say PS3 has more exclusives? Mostly because PS3 gamers don't consider games that also appear on PC as being exclusive. Well maybe not but they aren't offered on the PS3 are they?

You are correct that exclusives have little meaning in the bigger picture of it all. As the majority of games sold are multi-platform games.

Marketing is simply what MS does to get their system in the households of gamers. Sony just hasn't learned how to not be the big dog barking in a room when it comes to marketing. they need to realize how to market so people like them.

Fez2590d ago

Ha, people don't buy consoles based on the things you listed...they (the normal people who play COD and Fifa - the main target market) buy consoles based on what is cool at the time - Xbox360 in US and UK right now.

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Hayabusa 1172590d ago

The "we have more exclusives" arguement is the latest one concocted by Sony fanboys to convince themselves the PS3 is better than Sony. When MS get's more exclusives than Sony, the arguement is going to switch to "it's all about quality, not quantity" you wait and see ;)

Tito082590d ago

As far as I know, Sony has both Quality and Quantity, Microsoft has what??? Kinect Disneyland???? meh, but I got to mention Gears is looking awesome, but everything else, nope!!!!!

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