NPD June 2011

IndustryGamers has just received the NPD Group's June video game sales report, and it wasn't too pretty. Total industry sales dipped 10% for the month, coming in at $1.03 billion. Hardware sales dropped 9% to $366.6 million while software sales fell 12% to $469.5 million. Accessories were also down 11% to $158.9 million.

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Bigpappy2709d ago

I thought I read that infamous was the top selling game for June? May be they ment for a single platform, but I am sure that is not what I read in the headlines of previous NPD post hare on N4G.

FlyGuyHung2709d ago

Yup. Kind of a shock seeing "the king" and Noire above it.

zootang2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Infamous 2 3rd including multi platform titles, nothing wrong with that unless you're with the sales brigade that only plays games reviewed 9 and above with 5 million sales and play no other games. Missing out.

gaden_malak2709d ago

If you'll notice the two games above it are multiplats, so combined they are probably more than Infamous 2, but LA Noire on PS3 probably sold less than Infamous 2, same with the 360 version and same for individual versions of Duke Nukem.

fear882709d ago

Holy crap. Infamous 2 beat out Ocarina of Time 3D!!! WOW!!!

DaTruth2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I think the big question here is if hardware sales are down 9%, why is MS saying they doubled their hardware sales? Is everybody else's sales down so much that 360 selling more than PS3/Wii combined and doubling last months numbers still leaves the market in negative territory? Are they giving them away for free?


DaTruth2708d ago

Apparently they were giving them away for free! There was a promotion for a free 360 with a windows enabled PC!

Giving away consoles for free and then bragging about how many you sold; wow!

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Solidus187-SCMilk2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I did too, but this information combines all platforms sales in this chart. It was the highest selling single SKU, but combine all the platforms for the others puts them on top of that.

Im pretty sure if they still split all versions like they used to infamous 2 would be on top. But the info they release now combines all platforms. So obviously 360+ps3 LA noir will be on top of this chart.

Im pretty sure sony was telling the truth when they said infamous 2 was the #1 selling software, because im pretty sure they have data where every version is split, meaning a separate number for ps3 version and 360 version etc(how the public data used to be, I think from patcher who is no longer allowed to share his "insider" information with us). The data they release to the public now combines all versions, so all platforms combined sales of DNF and LA NOIRE were more, but split the versions up and IF2 sold more then each one individually.

Get that?

edit- LOL parapraxis, I dont expect people to believe me, or even understand. I just know alot about NPD numbers, Ive always found them interesting. I was not happy when they changed how much info we get, combining all versions was one change I didnt like because I always found it interesting to see what games sold better on 360, and what ones sold better on PS3.

People who pay, sony/MS/patcher still get all the detailed info tho, you can tell from the tid bits released sometimes. Such as "X game sold xx% on this platform." They are not allowed to share all the info with us anymore tho.

Parapraxis2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Well said. Don't expect everybody here to grasp it though ;) lol

For those who still don't get what Solidus187-SCMilk is saying here's another example:

If broken up by console it was the highest overall.
1. inFamous 2
2. La Noire (360)
3. LA Noire (ps3)
4. Duke Nukem Forever (360)
etc etc.

aquamala2709d ago

But why wouldn't you combine platforms? It's the same game

chidori6662709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

02. Duke Nukem Forever 376,300
03. Infamous 2

Wow, Duke beat Infamous? that's kind of shocking considering Infamous game is hyped a lot!I guess it was a slow month for software.

Jonah_Reese2709d ago

I heard the same thing, oh well it being #3 to those two don't bother me I'm glad it's doing. Matter fact I'm glad the industry is doing well.

Muerte24942709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Wow Microsoft 507,000. I'm not saying it's a bad thing but I almost certain that's includes the promotion for "Buy a windows 7 pc, get a free Xbox360" deal. If that is in fact the case, I don't think they should include that in "unit sold" but "giveaway" instead.

shinrock2708d ago

the pc companies that are running that promo have to pay for those units. do you really think MS is giving them for free.

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testerg352709d ago

Umm.. So infamous 2 was top selling on the ps3??? Lol

bloodybutcher2709d ago

i wonder how it looks like worldwide...i wonder why duke got such high position despite low review scores.maybe it shows that not everyone is influenced by those.

RememberThe3572709d ago

I read that it had a mil and a half pre-orders. That's probably why.

bloodybutcher2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

oh,so it was basically riding on a name alone probably...ok,thanks for the info:)

Kur02709d ago

I learned this a long time ago, Americans will buy anything if you market it enough.

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