Need For Speed: The Run - Cars Showcased

DSOGaming writes: "Need For Speed: The Run is slated for a November 18th release on most major platforms and here are some screenshots that showcase the game’s vehicles."

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Blackdeath_6632657d ago

Nice although i think need for speed needs a major franchies reboot or something along the lines. need for speed was always a game that was acknowledged and praised but never in any of their games has there been a huge hype or a strong community/fan base, at least thats how I felt about the game.
i understand that its really hard to do something new with racing games because racing is just racing however i also beleive that the first devoloper to bring something new and innovative to racing will have a huge lead on the racing genre much like how cod is always used to compare fps's.

Pintheshadows2657d ago

I'm just not interested in this NFS. It needs to take a break. Shift 2 was awful.

ExitToExisT2657d ago

man i wish there was dashboard view.

ddkshah2657d ago

Need For Speed and Shift are 2 totally different genres of racing. Shift tries to be realistic while NFS is an arcade racer with a nice story. I wonder if this is ps3 or pc footage? I also wonder if forza 4 cars can match up to the pc version of this game.

Blaze9292657d ago

this is frostbite 2? Something must have went wrong in between taking it from DICE and giving it to the studio handling this game.

ddkshah2656d ago

the car models look far superior to forza 4's. The enviornment is dynamic, and the destruction also has come over to nfs the run. The lighting WOW!!! What more can you ask for?

(I am a big fan of ARCADE racers not the realistic junk. There is nothing more realistic than real driving ;)