Revamped Spawn System for Battlefield 3

Net Media Now "DICE's community manager, Daniel Matros, explains the new spawn system."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2710d ago

Sounds Pretty neat. I liked the spawn of Bc2 though.

If any of you are ever squad leader.. Please don't die for me?? :)

Criminal2710d ago

I will never do that. Do you still play BFBC2? Which system?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I play on My ps3 almost every day lol.


Psn Name is.. xX-StolenSoul-Xx :)

Criminal2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

PSN Name: CriminalX, I've got Vietnam too.
See you on PSN :)

consolez_FTW2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Hey,I'll add you guys. It's been hard finding a good match of BC2 lately on PS3. Anyone can add me too if you wanna play some BC2. Just click on my profile.

lil Titan2710d ago

i hope they did revamped the spawn system, i shouldnt be able to base rape in 3. it at that point in the game that makes me say "whats the point of playing anymore?"

RankFTW2710d ago

I just picked up BC2 off Steam the other day for £10, came with the expansions and everything. Love Steam sales. Goes lovely with my new GTX 580 too ;D.

evrfighter2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

"To keep it fair, the squad leader won't be "one fixed person" throughout the game,"

that's actually pretty damn badass

closed beta for moh owner info coming soon.

can't effing wait

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bloodybutcher2710d ago

i would play with you guys but i suck donkey ass on fps mp:P

NewMonday2709d ago

in battlefield you can pic support roles, you don't need the run and gun skills.

fixing tanks, reviving, spotting and other stuff. you can get over 1000 point a game without a kill if you dedicate.

this is the way i play most of the time, i got to level 50 a long time ago, and over time you will pick up combat skills.

DanSolo2709d ago

Yeh I agree with newmonday... it's a game where you can fill a role that doesn't actually involve killing!

Personally I am very good at the killing, but also enjoy doing the supporting roles as well... but my internet connection sucks ass... and when I start lagging out I tend to switch to a supporting role so that I can still do some good for the team, but don't have to worry about shooting bullets at people who are now 10 foot ahead of where I can see them lol.

grifter0242709d ago

What would be cool is if it was like KillZones pop smoke spawn style that the support kit can do.

Having a support gunner be able to entrench somewhere without having the ability to move but your squadmates can spawn out of until you die seems pretty tactical.

I wonder though if the Squad Leaders can be seen or have markings that the opposing team can see...would make the SL have a higher price on his head.

bloodybutcher2709d ago

i know i can,i played a bit as engineer,fixng tanks and using my rpg.i guess i should try medic,my gf always gets lots of points as medic just by reviving whole squad.

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solar2710d ago

awesome. this spawn system brings more strategy to the game. this was like the way BF2 squad system was, minus the switching of the leader.

BlackKnight2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

YES, not really "revamped", its back to how it was in BF2, no more soldiers shitting out their squad mates every 10-15 seconds (Only squad leader can do it, lol).

NarooN2710d ago

I'll add you, we can play some BC2 sometime. PSN: NarooN

Organization XII2709d ago

holy shit i submitted this news like 2 weeks ago and the "n4g community" actually reported it! WTF??

wait here it is

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Hitman07692710d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the beta

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2710d ago

Lucky. i don't have medal of honor limited edition so i can't get it but i do have the game :-(

Criminal2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Unfortunately, I have MoH limited edition so I'll get the beta through that, but I believe I read somewhere that you can get the beta by pre-ording the game.

Pandamobile2710d ago

Pretty sure DICE said that it'll be an open beta on all three platforms.

It may initially be reserved for MOH purchasers, but I think it'll be widely available eventually.

bozebo2710d ago

If its for MoH purchasers then they aren't going to get many PC beta testers for BF3 lol. I think only about 3 people even bought that trash.

superrey192709d ago

I wonder if they will let you play the beta based on what platform you got MOH or any platform of your choosing. For example, I bought MOH on ps3 but I REALLY want to play the beta on PC.

Fishy Fingers2710d ago

Sure they said the squad leaders would be dynamic, if killed the next "best" member would instantly switch to squad leader. Unless I'm getting games mixed up.

BlackKnight2710d ago

switching instantly would defeat the purpose then really, because if the squad leader needs to respawn at a base or flag, but instead he instantly loses it and one of the other 3 get it, it is basically the same, still get you to spawn with your buds no matter what.

I think if he dies ALOT or many other factors.

MidnytRain2710d ago

This would make more sense if the leader changed after the match, and not mid-game.

SpaceSquirrel2710d ago

That sounds great. Battlefield 3 will be killer.

Snowii2710d ago

so you spawn where your leader is?

solar2710d ago

yes, like in BF2. the leader of the squad was to be protected so you could spawn on him again. yet the squads in BF2 was 6 man compared to 4. keep the leader alive, once in enemy territory, you could spawn behind enemy lines. brings more strats into the game!

BlackKnight2710d ago

Exactly, I hate in BC2 that you might wipe out 3 of the 4 guys you are attacking, and 10 seconds later, they are all back because 1 got wounded but ran away and can still spawn a bunch behind your lines. This way you can focus at the "head" of the serpent/team and stop them from having the tactical advantage without having to make sure you get 4 kills within 10-15 seconds.

Snowii2710d ago

sounds strategic

also who are the trolls that disagree with me -_-

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