Sony Sees 'Strong Demand' for PS3 Exclusives

Sony has just sent out its statement in reaction to the NPD Group's June data. Sony did not state how its PS3 sold for the month, but took the opportunity to boast about its exclusive games on the console.

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donniebaseball2630d ago

good beta numbers on Uncharted 3, can't wait for that game!

M-Easy2630d ago

I buy all PS exclusives and recommend them all to my friends both IRL and online.

ElementX2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Not every exclusive is worth purchasing, IMHO. Did you buy Haze?

Abash2630d ago

As long as Sony keeps making quality PS3 exclusives like LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, and inFamous 2, I'll keep buying them. Resistance 3 is the next game on my to get list

ilikegam3s2630d ago

Funny... M-Easy trolls about xbl prices and yet he can buy all the PS exclusives. What A Hypocrite.

Why o why2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

@ element x, of course not all exclusives are worth grabbing. Its a numbers game. The more choice you have the more likely there will be more games you'll probably enjoy. Another misconception is that every exclusives HAS to be the best in the world for people to enjoy it. Thats bullsht. Ill play the good the great and sometimes the not so good. Hows yakuza doing for ya anyway. I enjoyed the hell out of that game as you know and many would consider it mediocre but for me there's no comparable game like it to play. Just so happens to be an exclusive. Ill play mediocre to great multiplatform games too. Just finished dante's inferno. Enjoyed it especially the story but it was blatantly a gow clone. gow 3 is the better game and thats how it is for most comparable multiplat vs exclusive titles. I mean look at how many exclusives are goty contenders and winners. Having more exclusives wherever they be on the 360, wii or station is GOOD not BAD as some are now screaming because their console of choice doesnt have them like they used to

M-Easy2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

No I did not buy Haze & I don't play RPGs so I didn't buy those. I'm sure I bought every other PS3 exclusive not named Yakuza for the last 2-3 years and the only game I was disappointed with was Modnation Racers. I just couldn't get into that game. So my strategy has a 99% success rate so I'm happy :)

solar2630d ago

Lair was another one of those "cant miss" titles ElementX. Six Axis ftl.

M-Easy2630d ago

Hey don't talk bad on Lair. I still own lair and even played it a few months ago when I was calibrating my surround sound system. It was one 1st games ever to use 7.1 uncompressed LPCM audio. The game still sounds better than 90% of the games out today. Controls, that's another story.

sikbeta2630d ago

I recommend all Exclusives that I like, U2, MS:A, KZ3, most of the exclusives are great, but there are some that I never played and don't want to like MLB, BUZZ...

Nexgensensation2630d ago

@ElementX  - what year did haze release?

scofios2630d ago

Did you Buy too human , alan wake, splintercell conviction ???

Legion2630d ago

@M-Easy "So my strategy has a 99% success rate so I'm happy :)"

You might need to work on your arithmetic. Are you saying that you have purchased 100 exclusive games for your PS3 in the last 2- 3 years and didn't like 1 game? I wasn't aware that PS3 had 100 exclusives for the PS3 in the last 3 years?

Lawliet2630d ago

PS3 have way more than just 100 over exclusives. That is if you include the Japanese+Asia base games that didn't get any promoting outside of their region. Don't believe? Just check out the JPN store, you'll find plenty, but I doubt you know how to read.

raztad2630d ago

Although Sony's comment comes as some sort of PR spin, considering the xbox has been outselling the PS3 in the states since kinec was introduced, I do agree Sony's exclusive portfolio is terrific.

So far I have bought 3 exclusive games + 2 multiplats. Looking forward Twisted Metal is release day, but debating about R3 and RAGE (both games are very similar in the settings). R3 looks (judging by previews) to have the best campaign and (no doubts) the best online, but it is so-so looking and 30fps. RAGE technically blows it away with its better graphics and 60fps and there is chances it might end up being a fun game. Probably get R3 and later RAGE for my PC.

That is w/o mentioning UC3, R&C:A4O (big R&C fan here), Journey (beta is amazing I have heard) and ICO collection. Too much for my wallet to handle.

Rhythmattic2630d ago


Yes, I bought HAZE.

Admittedly at a very discounted price... But yes.. Bought it, played it..

It wasn't that bad, it wasn't that great, but it is actually worth playing. IMHO.

lil Titan2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

@ElementX want system do you play element "X" do i have to remind you the hit and miss on an "X" console? out of all the exclusives Sony's been on point with there in house stuff that was a third party exclusive and really dont see that many this gen like last which is a shame. the people who made Haze are still good in my book if they can come through with Timesplitters 4

mastiffchild2630d ago

Lair was always OK all round(still brilliant in places)and was only ever hurt by the majority of people who found the Sixaxis controls a bit too finicky and, imho, by the way there's no radar/mkinimap for stopping you getting turned around in flight combat and losing asight of where you're meant tio be going-but they're no worse than, sa, camera issues in most games or other faults. Lair was then patched for normal controls after Sony saw the rror of forcing Sixaxis on everyone and the game is FINE now and for those that already liked it is actrually a good game and if they patched in trophies to give a good reason for newe adopters to play it I'm sure the user scores for it would rocket.

It got pilloried in the media way more than was fair(as did HS because at the time expectations for PS3 games was totally unreasonable in the media. HS's only crime is a slightly short campaign) and was always playable, still looks good and sounds as good as just about any game on consoles ever made.Not a poor game or exclusive in my eyes. Not a game I ever regretted buying and I'd still CHOOSE the original controls everyone else seemed to dislike/not be able to cope with-and i'm a talentless gamer.

pixelsword2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Funny I should read all of the hoopla about Lair, which I did play last night lol.
I own the game, got all golds before the patch (a few people got all platinums before the patch). The controls were fine before the patch, but the game needed time to learn and better instructions from Factor 5.

Critics tore into it because they couldn't do their quick run-through and score the game, just like some did with Mass Effect or the first Motorstorm. I wrote a review of the game because Critics were so ignorant (and F5's instructions so brief) that I wrote a tutorial along with a review when I finished the game and got some golds.

The saddest part is Lair is the only game out on consoles that sport at least a dozen huge boards; each rivaling the size of the whole areas of Far Cry and Crysis. Lair is also one of the few games out there on consoles that's Native 1080p and 60fps.

The game at the time had a huge learning curve, and those who couldn't figure out or ask anyone online just gave up one of the best motion-controlled games out there; and when that new television comes out for the PS3 from Sony, those wise enough to hang in there will reap the rewards.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2630d ago

Sony's still killing wallets since 2008. Cannot wait for Uncharted 3. I'm having an Uncharted marathon soon enough-replaying Uncharted 1 and finishing 2.

Blaze9292630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

strong demand? Infamous 2 just got beat out in June by Duke Nukem forever - a game that critics bombed and only did 376,300 physical copies - across THREE platforms. So infamous 2 did below that (in North America)

Since this is SCEA talking at least, I'm keeping focus on North America. But I don't see how they can call that, from Infamous 2 - strong demand.

"According to the latest NPD report...The recently launched inFAMOUS 2 was the #1 software SKU in June."

what are they talking about? On a single platform? Because LA Noire and Duke Nukem both beat Infamous 2...

kaveti66162630d ago

Duke Nukem sold that amount on three platforms, so it's considered poor sales.

inFamous 2 sold 350,000 or so on one platform.

so what are you talking about?

It sold well enough. And when in June was inFamous 2 released?

finnhima2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

You went and compared a multiplatform game's sales with a game with only one platform to try and make some sort of anti-sony stance? lol!! Typical blaze. Unfounded, poorly researched, and plain ignorant. Lol.

Bonobo123452630d ago

Go and hang your head in shame for posting such a ridiculous 'opinion'

For one platform Infamous 2 has done pretty well so far.

evrfighter2629d ago

Ok dnf is a game with a meta in the 50's. Those games even multiplat should not be outselling supposedly AAA exclusives.

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JokesOnYou2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

kaveti, to be exact inFamous2 sold $369,200 for ps3,
I think thats decent, but really in the month of June with no other competition considering Duke Nukem is a terrible game that only the most diehard nostalgic fan would buy and LA Noire released the month prior and is already underperforming 2k expectations compared to Red Dead, given the circumstances I do see sony's statement "Strong Demand for PS3 Exclusives" as a bit of PR spin, sorry but I'd hardly call those sales figures "strong", I mean just for comparison in June of 2009 the 360 version of Prototype(similiar game) sold $419,900 with similiar or less install base at the time. The bigger news for all companies is that the overall game market was down 10% compared to last year which shows there are a lack of bigtime software sellers out right now
simply put the competition is very dry right now,
but I think we should at definitely commend sony for actually having more exclusives its not their fault micro and nintendo haven't provided much competition. Its is mindblowing that 360 sold so many consoles with no bigtime games out the 1st half of the year.

Seraphemz2630d ago

Its the hype of Kinect thats helping it...

finnhima2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Infamous 2 sales were a substantial increase from its predecessor 2 years ago. The first infamous only sold 192,700 copies in the United States over the month of June 2009 and even with that first month it still sold quite well into becoming part of ps3 "greatest hits" No doubt that Infamous 2 will continue the trend.

This isn't 2006-07 anymore. The demand is strong for ps3 exclusives which is the reason sony continues to pump them out for its fans.

subtenko2629d ago

No surprise here...Sony spoils the entire Playstation fan base with good exclusives and content and we will obviously want even more :)

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

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Solidus187-SCMilk2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Infamous 2 was the number 1 software for JUNE. thats great, I bought one too it was fun.

I wonder if alot of people bought infamous 2 after trying their free infamous, I know that after I played it I had to get infamous 2.

I cant wait for uncahrted 3 either donnie, I get it because I love the multiplayer. I cant wait to get early access to the full U3 multiplayer from crap subway in October.

Kee2630d ago

That's as it should be. No other game deserved that top spot. Infamous 2 is a gem.

aquamala2630d ago

Infamous 2 is the best selling game on a single platform. If you combine platforms LA noire and Duke outsold it

Soldierone2630d ago

Are you saying Duke Nukem deserved better numbers?

if you are im hella afraid of what this game industry will turn into....

IHateYouFanboys2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

"Infamous 2 is the best selling game on a single platform"

we dont actually know that.

in Microsofts press release, they say (and i quote) "three of the top ten console game titles were for Xbox 360 including: “L.A. Noire,” “Duke Nukem Forever,” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” "

now since those games are number 1, 2 and 7 (or something, not sure on Black Ops off the top of my head) in the NPD figures, you would have to assume that means they sold more on the 360 than Infamous 2.

the NPD results that WE see only show the game and ALL of the platforms its available on - but it might have sold 1 million on 360, and only 10 copies on PS3, yet it will be listed on the NPD figures as (360,PS3). just because it says "(PS3,360)" for LA Noire doesnt mean that the 360 version alone didnt sell more than Infamous 2.

also, the PS3 got absolutely destroyed in the NPD figures this month - "Xbox 360 sold 507,000 units in June, selling nearly twice as many units as other current-generation platforms". that would suggest that the PS3 sold around 260k-270k consoles compared to the 360s 507k. thats absolutely incredible.

Bonobo123452630d ago


Sales figures can be spun, Despite the year lead Xbox had it's only 5 million units ahead of PS3.

Sony has caught up incredibly.

Xbox- 55 million (4 June 2011)

PS3- 50 million (31 March 2011)

Mustang300C20122630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Why do people keep bringing up the year lead crap? Where were you when the PS2 launched before the Xbox?

6 years is not catching up incredibly. Both simply are doing good. Some of us like myself own multiple consoles from both. Again coming off of the dominance of PS2 and now 6 years later you and others claim Sony caught up incredibly. Really? More like keeping up. Seeing how that number was around 3 million last quarter and now it is up by 5 million apart should tell you somthing.

Rhythmattic2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

RedHemi300c + 0m ago
Why do people keep bringing up the year lead crap?

Why do people want to "forget" about the significant PS3 launch window after the 360 ?

Let me remind you.
It was 1 year (US//UK/Japan) and 1 .5 year (strongest) PAL territories that the PS3 was released after the 360.

That aint Crap.

ksense2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )


First off learn to read. it was 3 million and now it is 5 million because the numbers are three months apart. sony reported 50 million in march and MS reported 55 million in June. Sony reportedly sold 14 million or something for the fiscal year ending march 31, 2011. so that means an average of 4 million plus every 3 months. HOLY CRAP the lead is only 2 million or less and guess what the whole time the ps3 was selling for atleast a $100 more and that is an achievement my friend.

with regards to your ps2-xbox comparison. did the original xbox even come close or anywhere near ps2 numbers even though it launched late. MS said screw the people that bought the original xbox the only way we can compete is if we launch early and they did just that. I have to congratulate them because they did come out all guns blazing the initial year and got a lot of people to buy their system. so when the ps3 came out a lot of people weren't willing to put up 600$ a year later.

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Dart892630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Glad to see this and they can start by bringing us Legend of Dragoon 2.

And many PS1 and PS2 exclusives that have been forgotten.

2630d ago Replies(3)
nikrel2630d ago

inFAMOUS 2 is great, I'm looking forward to beating the evil side now.

BeOneWithTheGun2630d ago

Word to the wise if your going for the plat....its harder on evil and you get less points. So make sure you buy all powers. You get 15k at the end for beating both sides but that can still be tough to purchase all upgrades if you didn't grind whilst playing evil.

tiffac2630d ago

I thought you only get less points if you ramp up the difficulty of the game? I'm just about to start in the good alignment.

BeOneWithTheGun2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

@tiffac: Hmm, you might be correct. I played thru evil on hard 1st and got less than playing thru good on easy. So...don't listen to the old fart!

PS: Plat sure does feel good, though!

himdeel2630d ago

Yeah playing inFAMOUS 2 on hard difficulty nets less points regardless of the karma. I'm on my third play through. First on good, then evil, now good again.

This 3rd play through I'm taking my time and grinding for xp. I'm still playing on hard and going ice. My 4th play through I'm going evil with ice because I saved over the wrong save file :( My 5th play through I'll play good with fire.

I'm hooked on this game.

badz1492630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

Just like what I did with the 1st game. After beating the story, I was left with the strongest grenade not bought because not enough xp. After grinding a bit with UGC, finally got enough xp to unlock all the powers. Now I'm on my 2nd playing evil muahaha...

For those only shooting for the Platinum, my advice is, play the good side during hard. Just like the 1st, good powers focus on taking down enemies, which making it easier to control. Evil powers on the other hand are mostly wide spreading. The good thing is, you can hit many more enemies at the same time but the damage done on each of them is lower than the god powers making it not very suitable for tougher enemies on hard.

The game is superb though. Improved a lot from the 1st and even the 1st is already a great game. I really hope there will be inFamous 3. My only complaint is, the karma meter is too easily filled. I got the hero status not even halfway the 1st island and now, after only 5 missions in, I am already an outlaw!

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Nathaniel_Drake2630d ago

haha I'm evil right now and it feels good to not worry about collateral damage