3D-Screenshots of Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the most promising Nintendo 3DS games yet to be announced for the 3DS. Pit returns after decades in full 3D. Now first 3D screenshots have been released.

These are viewable via 3DS-Browser in full 3D or via any stereoscopic monitor. Just follow the URL (Easy shortened URL) and type it in the browser to access and activate the screenshots.

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Sorano2588d ago

Really awesome in 3D!

Sorano2587d ago

Just type in into your 3DS browser for quick access to the 3D images.

portablegaming2588d ago

It is the first step of Nintendo using at least a "old" new character. At least they use a forgotten IP, but they should bring out a new IP and character soon!

franktheprankreturns2588d ago

Nintendo can't create new characters they can only do the old ones. Mario, Link and Samus to infinity and beyond!

Nibbler2588d ago

New characters would rock and the 3DS would be a great console to do so. It was sad that the DS never got a real new IP. Nintendogs... well casual garbage...

Zyrando2588d ago

This works pretty good.. but I dont lik Kid Icarus D:

AlanarWindblade2588d ago

The game just looks incredible, especially in 3D... I can't wait to play it!

bangoskank2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Is Pit fighting metroids?

n4f2586d ago

theres metroid in pit's world

AWBrawler2585d ago

yes he always fights metroids, and I think I saw a Centurion army attack like he did in the old games

bangoskank2585d ago

Man, it's been over 20 years. Forgot that Metroids were in Kid Icarus.