Hobby Robbing: The Disappearance of Videogame Collections

GP blogger, Standard Minion writes, "Physical copies are still obviously finding their way into homes. But the expanding breadth of the videogaming market is providing for a future in which physical gaming collections are no longer possible. We are increasingly less often bringing our games to a combined space, and creating gaming collections. Compounding this is the growing absence of physical manuals included in those occasions in which we do purchase the physical copy. Right next to me I have the veritable tome of a manual to Neverwinter Nights(2002), which has a length and craftsmanship the likes of which I haven’t seen bundled with a game in years. Similarly, game boxes are the exception now, rather than the standard. I can’t remember the last game I’ve purchased which didn’t come in the now iconic DVD case. Soon gone are the days when enthusiasts can pompously reveal their aged, reinforced walls of plastic and paper, dedicated to a healthy, life-long obsession with one of society’s unfortunately so spat-upon hobbies."

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