O'Donnell: "We don't want games to be more like films"

The second part of Develop's interview with Marty O'Donnell is offering the Bungie audio director's thoughts on the comparison between games and film and the changing nature of the games industry.

Speaking on having game soundtracks compared to those of movies, O'Donnell said: "I think it's incorrect, that's actually a mistake. At Bungie, and probably a lot of other studios, we're not looking to make games more like films."

"From a production standpoint, you want to be as polished as a film can be, but we're making completely different experiences. When you ape something, I don't care what you're doing – you've made a mistake if you're trying to sound like something that's already been done."

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PS360WII4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

It's already happening. Heavenly Sword was a great movie that you got to play. Uncharted is looking like it will be the same. I'm sure Mass Effect will be one crazy movie experience.

Edit: Heck look at any RPG. Take away the level grinding and you got yourself a movie.

RadientFlux4057d ago

Half-Life 2 is also a good example of good story-telling, with it's storyline, scripted sequences and audio.

Loopy4057d ago

COD4 is a superb high quality movie-like experience. Albeit short.
Short but sweeeeeeeeet.

Real Gambler4057d ago

“We don’t want games to be more like films” "We" does not include myself...

I agree with post number 1. Heavenly Sword was sweeeeeet

mighty_douche4057d ago

movies getting longer, games getting shorter.

i wouldnt be surprised to see games which are basically interactive movies over the next few years.

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