Saints Row: The Third screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Saints Row: The Third.

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lochdoun2681d ago

Sooo... it's GTA with stupid looking cat masks and squid hats?
Cool story bro.

Hanif-8762681d ago

I prefer GTA IV....saints row 3 is way too wacky for me :-(

MaxXAttaxX2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Except Saints Row doesn't take itself too seriously. More fun weapons. More customization. No getting calls every 5 minutes. Less scripted. Fun.

lh_swe2681d ago

I could legitematly get soooo booored playing GTA IV...thats not a good sign, when a game feels at all like work, they're doing it wrong ;)
Not for a second was Saints Row 2 boring, not a second...sure the script was less of a mastepeice, sure the car damage had more of a PS2 feel, the city design a bit lacking etc etc but it did have something GTA IV didn't namely freedom! It didn't try to nail you down to do exactly what the game set out for you to do.

Halochampian2681d ago

Saints Row the Third was one of my favorite games at E3. It looked like a blast and great humor

Nintenuendo2681d ago

...and a million times more fun.

SilentNegotiator2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

No, more like GTA with fun instead of escort/taxi missions.

'Why are we not making a bigger deal about this?!'

Grip2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

God kill these games !!!.. i mean who the hell want to walk in street wear Dildo on his head and throw ppl in Canon?????

CptFlashHeart2681d ago

Who wouldn't more like?!?!?!

lh_swe2681d ago

Yeah, the more wacky and weird this game gets the more fun it'll be..and I had a billion times more fun playing Saints Row 2 than I did GTA IV.
Because if you think about it San Andreas was wacky, it drove more for insane fun rather than realistic world and that was their most popular GTA...Saints Row continues that legacy while GTA is abandoning it.

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MintBerryCrunch2681d ago

i love the freedom, it's not like you have to play the game over the top, but giving you the option to just have plain fun which GTA IV didn't have is an added bonus

i don't get the skepticism, you can have hours of fun and not even touch the story with all the options given to you

Nintenuendo2681d ago

I don't understand all of the hate either. I've always loved Saints Row (yes, even the first one), the games are just plain fun in the best way.

People seem to act like you either have to pick this OR Grand Theft Auto.

Why not play this for the over-the-top fun and crazy side missions, and play GTA for your down-to-earth story fix?

KeiserSosay47882681d ago

This game looks idk, um... FUN, like games are supposed to be lol

Legion2681d ago

You gotta admit that pig suit is friggin funny as hell.

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