Epic Says UE3 Samaritan Demo Is How Next-Gen Games Will Look

Gaming Blend "You know that Samaritan demo everyone was talking about at this year’s GDC? Well, none of that was cinematic. It was all real-time. To hammer in that point Mark Rein confirmed in a recent interview that the real-time Samaritan demo is pretty much how next-gen console and PC games will look."

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lazertroy2681d ago

Doesn't look that impressive to me.

Surfaced2681d ago

If we can have real-time gameplay like that in the next-gen, I will be impressed and satisfied.

fluffydelusions2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

So I wonder how long a full length game of that quality will actually take to make not to mention how much will it cost consumers.

@below yeah I know they are scaled back due to hardware but the samaritan was bordering on CGI looking. Not to mention it was running on 3x580 cards which I seriously doubt next gen systems will have.

cyguration2681d ago


All the resources were in-house so for Epic it shouldn't cost anymore than it would to make Gears of War...maybe less, depending on the voice talent, etc.

Remember, games can look waaaaaaay better than they do now but the tech is holding back a lot of stuff like real-time physics simulation, clothing, AA, etc. So most recent games are actually scaled back for the sake of the hardware. It's also known as LOD scaling.

arjman2681d ago

WHAT!?! It looks amazing, I don't know what your were looking at

JsonHenry2681d ago

I am sure it will. I remember way back at E3 (the year the xbox360 launched) tech video of Gears of War looked amazing and they delivered on that. Of course now we looked at that game and say "meh" but at the time the visuals were simply amazing. Especially given the fact it was a console that was pulling it off.

Inside_out2681d ago

Sorry, the next consoles won't be running 8-12 core deep with 3 $500 graphics card which is what Mark Rein said is behind the Samaritan Demo.

That demo was to show the POTENTIAL of Unreal 3-4 and to fight back against guys like Crytek who have been making giant strides in the middle-ware arena.

Epic and their Unreal middle-ware are big sellers and Epic was putting their best foot forward.

Interestingly, all the Nvidia love from them seems to have caused a small ripple of dissent in the M$ camp. M$ is with AMD/ATI and it did not go unnoticed. Maybe that is why Crytek and cry 3 seem to have the inside tract for the next Xbox...if you believe the rumors.

Kurylo3d2681d ago

Mark Rein also said the demo was unoptimized and can look the same and be scaled back to work on only 1 580gtx

cyguration2681d ago

If next gen is two years from now (2013) the 580gtx will be old news by then and a heck of a lot cheaper than it is now.

I'm not sure why gamers are never forward-looking.

BeastlyRig2681d ago

Becuz they think in 10 year cycles..

Ahasverus2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I've read this title like a thousand times.

And by the way, I don't like it, it looks like a shinier version of Unreal Engine, and I think unreal engine has done more harm than good to this generation. It's too.. lifeless, inorganic.. kinda plastic.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2681d ago

Agreed, the Unreal engine is rather crap. Also from a subjective standpoint, I'm not digging the artstyle of the samaritan demo at all.

starchild2681d ago

Complete and utter nonsense. The Unreal 3 engine powers some of the best-looking games of this generation. Gears of War 3, for example, is easily among the top three best looking games on consoles.

The Samaritan demo blows away any current game a thousand times over. If you aren't impressed with that tech demo it's only because you are blind and know nothing at all about graphics. You might as well go back to playing on the Atari; you probably can't tell the difference anyway.

Minato-Namikaze2681d ago

Easily? Killzone 3, GOW 3, and uncharted3 3 all look better than gears. But i'd put gears in my top 10 on consoles

Ahasverus2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

I know the demo is impressive but after seeing how Battlefield 3 achieves photorealism in current PC's, you can't help but feel that the Samaritan demo is not mind blowing enough to be called /next gen/, and again it looks plastic, completely plastic

Foxgod2681d ago

Silly haters, i suppose none of you is playing or will be playing:
Mass effect
Mortal Kombat
Gears of war
Batman Arkham city
Aliens Colonial marines

Because they look plastic right?

Ahasverus2681d ago

Of course I play them, because it's GAMEPLAY what matters and it seems that some people just can't realise it. Mortal Kombat loks like crap, Mass effect looks impressive but organic elements are, yep you guessed it, like plastic dolls, gears is a brown fest (impressive froma technical perspective but unnapealing from an artistic standpoint) Arkham Asylum is magnificent froma gameplay perspective but the human models are very very uncanny, Alens colonial marines looks generic, Bioshock is wonderful but thanks to artistic design, Borderlands is great because it doesn't want to be realistic. I'm not saying that gams powered by Unreal are BAD, some are the best of the generation, but the engine itself is laughable, go play castlevania, God of War, Crysis, even Final Fantasy XIII, Uncharted and Red Dead Redemption and see the difference

sikbeta2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Dude, it's middleware, of course it's used by many devs for many games, that's the purpose of the engine and that's why Epic wants a new gen asap, to license the hell out of it (and don't lose ground against Crytek), like they do all the time, if they wanted, they could start making games for PC with higher graphics instead of waiting for Consoles manufacturers to jump into a new gen.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

You are flippin deluded, stop using that stupid 2008 UE3 is too shiny argument and open your eyes for once in your life, if ND made that demo you would be praising it like a mad man. Seriously if I saw you in real life I would pound your face into the ground without any hesitation.

I myself used to think it's too shiny but the Samaritan demo has proved me wrong and I accept it. Can't you just stop being a flippin fanboy?

Is it really that hard?

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maniac762681d ago

except in 30fps,1080p with jaggies around stuff lol

Foxgod2681d ago

1080p with jaggies?
On a 20 feet screen maybe....

limewax2681d ago

Running 1080p wont do you any good without the right quantity of anti-aliasing

Pandamobile2681d ago

Depends on the game, but I've got no problem running games at 1080p with no anti-aliasing.

I barely notice aliasing in Crysis, yet my eyes bleed if I play TF2 without AA.

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