Prototype 2 -- "The Power of Tendrils" video

TVGB: "A quick developer video for next year's Prototype 2 shows us the "The Power of Tendrils," as it's also cleverly titled. Looks like some proper sandbox fun?"

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Sarcasmology2444d ago

If it's anything like other Activision titles, it'll be worse than the ones that came before it.

UnbelievablyRAW2444d ago

The powers look kinda OP :/

Spooder2444d ago

Loved prototype, cannot wait for #2! :D

Pintheshadows2444d ago

I'm a bit underwhelmed to be honest. It looks terribly similar to the first game. I thought they would at least upgrade the graphics a bit but it all looks like dull greys.

The power looks ok though I suppose. I'm a bit sad now.

Ahasverus2444d ago

I've watched enough hentai to know where this is going...

Takoulya2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Rofl, all we need to see now is the generic purple-haired eight-year-old girl.

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