The Full Moon Show: Episode 60 – Resistance 3 Update

Insomniac writes: Join senior community manager James Stevenson, creative director Marcus Smith, lead designer Drew Murray and senior designer Cameron Christian as they headline the 60th episode of the Full Moon Show. We discuss Resistance 3, what 3 years meant to the project, our favorite weapons in the game and much more. Plus, a whole segment devoted to your questions. And a special guest appearance from our intern Brandon Winfrey on his 21st Birthday.

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BulletToothtony2680d ago

listening to it right meow!

it seems they have been truly been polishing the crap out of this game.

theonlylolking2680d ago

Resistance 3, awesome. PSN pass...not so much.

JoGam2680d ago

If you buy new games, nothing to worry about. ENJOY.