Review: Kenshi DLC for WB's Mortal Kombat (GPT)

GPT: "From Deadly Alliance originally, The Blind Swordsman, Kenshi makes his way onto the latest installment of Mortal Kombat. This time around his move set has changed a bit from what it used to be. Kenshi now uses more of his Telekinetic moves to strike is opponents just like how Noob uses his shadow powers to attack. Kenshi’s combos revolve around him using his Telekinetic powers with his sword to strike."

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GunShotEddy2707d ago

Why isn't he named Dead Pool again?

Quagmire2706d ago

Becuase he cant see, and isnt a smartass

Snowii2706d ago

i wanna play with him on "test you sight"

Quagmire2706d ago

Lmfao, that would be SWEET!

killerhog2706d ago

oh youre funny, funny guy. i see what you did there. ahahahha funny guy, you funny

LOGICWINS2706d ago

I was going to get this, but there most likely gunna offer every DLC character in a bargain bundle by the end of the year. Remember all those "exclusive" skins/fatalities for pre-ordering MK9 at different places? What happened? Their now offering all pre-order skins/fatalities for 5 bux.

grifter0242706d ago

The difference is you didnt PAY for the DLC skin when you preordered.

Unless you tried to buy a Reptile Costume on ebay for 70$.

MasterD9192705d ago

Rain needs to be bought asap. I'll wait for Kenji to go on sale sometime down the road.