The Cursed Crusade - new price and release date

ATLUS today revealed a host of new details regarding The Cursed Crusade’s release, including a new lower price point, an October 11 release date, a new trailer, and an introductory entry in a series of developer diaries on the game’s official website.

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ironcreed2686d ago

Good deal. I recently really enjoyed the budget game, The First Templar and this looks much better. Looking forward to it.

slavish32686d ago

I don't understand why consoles that came out in 2005/06 have games that are 59.99? Developement cost can not be what they were back then. Economics of scales! Why have we had console price cuts but no game price cuts? I am very happy for them. The game looks great. I will buy new to support them just like earth defends force! :)