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Insomniac returns the series to its roots with a look and feel that’s well beyond that of Resistance 2, and combat that’s even more intense than the first game in the series; Resistance: Fall of Man. The detail added to Resistance 3 is well beyond most shooters launching this year. The cinematics are emotional, the sound is moody, and the look creates a new feel not yet seen in the franchise.

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HeavenlySnipes2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

on youtube

EDIT: Below, I think its closed for now. You can ask Rajman (he has an account here I think) because the gameplay is from him.

pixelsword2708d ago

I hope they bring back breech, because Meltdown was put in it's place, but the element of a final goal is what made breech the best mode in R1:

ikkokucrisis2708d ago

looks like COD now,
with force fields.

firemassacre2708d ago

how do you get on the beta?

tigertron2708d ago

I'm in the closed beta, but thats only because I'm a beta tester for pretty much everything. A few years ago there was an official website where you could sign up, but it was only for a limited time.

After playing a few R3 matches, I am dissapointed, its basically R2 with the weapon wheel and international maps. The menu design is much better though, it has that RFOM feel. I've pre-ordered the special edition as the campaign does look good.

Oh, and RFOM maps like Somerset would be awesome.

user83971442708d ago

Don't tell me the MP is just like Resistance 2. That sucks.

tigertron2708d ago

Well don't just take my word for it, definatly try it out. You may think its better than RFOM, but for me, RFOM is still the best in the franchise and I don't think Insomniac will ever top it with the current gameplay and perks...

nightmarex1212708d ago

I thought people were saying it was more like cod.

Sugreev20012708d ago

Do PSN+ members get to play the beta ?

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A7mmud2708d ago

They will bring some maps in RFOM, nice.

can't wait to play CTF in somerset :)

user83971442708d ago

Looks awesome I can't wait.

dragonyght2708d ago

good now wheres the grim mode

pixelsword2708d ago


I think it's time I write an article...

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