Uncharted 3 - The Story So Far

Uncharted 3 is due out this November, and it will continue the ongoing story of expert treasure hunter Nathan Drake. If you've somehow missed the first two entries in the series, you might be a little intimidated to jump right into the third. Don't worry. Cheat Code Central has you covered. We've wrapped up Nate's first two adventures in this neat little package for you. You're welcome.

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trainsinrdr2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Elena gets pregnant
Sully dies
Drake cheats on elena with chloe
Elena accepts it and they all have a 3-some
Chloe becomes pregnant aswell
Drake dies but not to worry he has two sons.
One good, one evil!

news4geeks2629d ago

-solid drake and liquid drake
-turns out big boss drake and sully zero didn't die
-they all throw a gay party and attach clown masks then rape big boss drake

GOODKyle2629d ago

Sir, I want you to be a writer for at least one video game's story in my lifetime.


Can't wait to see the full story in the end, is going to be amazing!

GOODKyle2629d ago

Good to know you just assume things instead of researching it. Typical humans I suppose. Regardless, Naughty Dog has said MULTIPLE times that they never looked at Uncharted as a trilogy and would love to make more Uncharted games.

Jonah_Reese2629d ago

If you have not played the first two entries, I don't even know why you would read this.