New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 details

Some brand new details about STALKER 2 are now available.

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Apotheosize2709d ago

Awesome hopefully a port to consoles doesnt compromise the games core essence

ATiElite2709d ago

possible February 2012 release date but will get pushed back.

The PC is the lead platform with a DX11 engine. possibly the X-Ray Engine 2.0

GSC Game World has said a 360 and Ps3 version will be made but that could change.

STALKER is a FPS/RPG single player experience with an open world to explore and survive in and some of the best A.I. in games. I place this series right up there with HL2.

if your a PC Gamer check out the 3 titles on STEAM for like $30 for all three with each game providing over 40 hours of game play each.

kramun2709d ago

This is probably my most wanted game of next year. I love Stalker, one of the best series ever made.

Pintheshadows2708d ago

Dude, most of my PC parts have arrived and I have a copy of Call of Pripyat as well. I can't wait. Shadows of Chernobyl was amazing.

alster232709d ago

is it only for pc so far?? or is it also for 360??

Quagmire2709d ago

There might be a PS3 port coming

Blacktric2709d ago

I don't get that really. They said this was also coming to "consoles" this time but it seems GSC is pulling a CD Projeckt with this one. Pathetic. If you don't have the means to handle two console versions then don't say it's coming to "consoles". Same crap happened with Witcher 2 and we've waited for a PS3 announcement along with a 360 one.

BeastlyRig2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

There is a console version coming but pc is lead platform.

it says pc ps3 360 at the bottom.

Quagmire2709d ago

How good is this game in comparison to Metro 2033?

Apparantely its Metro is made by former STALKER employees, so it should be good. Metro 2033 was amazing.

kamakaz3md2709d ago

its more open ended sumwhat... i enjoyed stalker more then metro because metro kinda felt like fallout with a better story line

kamakaz3md2709d ago

ohh god give me this on ps3... stalker is awesome

tiphanycufflink2709d ago

The more people play this game, the better. I just hope it doesn't get gimped from being on several different platforms.

kamakaz3md2709d ago

if its due out on consoles i would say so, no true yr of release yet. and the nex gen consoles will die out at the end of 2012 beginning of 2013 imo. late 2012 id say if it comes next yr

TheLastGuardian20102709d ago

Err, why? The 360 has sold 600k units. They have kinect, Sony has the move. None of them have gone out and said "yeah the next gen is coming soon."

Hell this always happens. In 2009 they predicted we would have new consoles by 2011.

I say 2014, 2015 at this rate.

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