Capcom want you to tell them exactly what's right (& what's wrong) with the Resident Evil franchise

"Capcom are asking followers on Facebook to tell them what they think the company are doing right and they need to work on when it comes to the Resident Evil franchise."

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Warprincess1162712d ago

There nothing wrong with RE. I love that it an action adventure title. Playing mercenaries is really fun. Capcom plz don't change a thing. Make RE6 more faster and have more enemies on screen.

Dart892712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

PLz Capcom don't listen to her she dosen't know what she's talking about.

Edit:Wait how are you playing Mercenaries if you're always bashing Nintendo consoles??This just proves you hate for no reason :D.

fluffydelusions2712d ago

Capcom just needs to go back and look at RE 1-3 for how to do it right.

Army_of_Darkness2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

For some strange reason, that title just made me burst out laughing!
But if capcom is being serious... I would like a blend of re2 and re4!

Did warprincess just start gaming this gen!?!! Wtf!?

MaxXAttaxX2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Go play COD.

Mercenaries is also a game mode found in RE4(GC/PS2) and RE5(PS3, 360).

Redrum0592712d ago

i love the old fashioned zombies with the white eyes son.

Anarki2712d ago

take it back to its roots... I loved res then, couldn't give a **** about it now.. :(

lizard812882712d ago

lol, as if Capcom would listen to anybody. They are probably just building hype for Revelations or something.

Remember those 3 character DLC polls for MvC3, and they have done nothing with them. Or when Megaman wasn't included and everybody cried about it, and they said Megaman was too blasty

DarkTower8052712d ago

Get rid of the wonky control scheme.

gaffyh2711d ago

It doesn't feel like a survival horror any more. Whilst RE5 was good, all action and no survival horror, other than low ammo, does not make it very good. It would be better if they paced it a bit more, put some decent puzzles in and put a lot more survival aspects in.

DrRichtofen2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Capcom make it scary like dead space1. I'm sorry to say this but....I wanna be freakin the fuck out when I play.
*excuse my french

edit- Ohh Yeah I would also like to be able to walk and shoot at the same time, and ditch the single player co-op I don't mind if the is another version of the campaign with co-op, but have one that doesn't, that chick was just retarded. And having a partner takes away from the scary all alone feeling.

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trainsinrdr2712d ago

Haha your cool lets hook up

MagicAccent2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Don't confuse capcom with sarcasm..

Instead let's all shout:
ZOMBIES! Damnit! Bring back zombies!

For crying out loud; we want to shoot ZOMBIES! Not ethnic groups with mutated swine-flu!

Liquid_Ocelot2712d ago

(-) action
(++++) survival horror
(++++) and then some more

scofios2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Whats wrong ????

Bring back Mikami , second make it scary again ,and make it survial horror game not all action , a not day setting only like re5 who the [email protected] get scared at day , and please dont try to make it western by giving to B western developers aka ( bionic commando , dead rising 2 , dark void ) .

Zanarkand2712d ago

??? Why are you here? Don't you know any better that the likes of you are usually, frequently, almost always, 99% of the time in the kitchen.

ReservoirDog3162712d ago

Haha, wow. Some people just completely think the opposite from everyone else.

I say, try to figure out what made RE4 so good and try harder.

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SwilloTGL2712d ago

I'd like if Resident Evil scared me the way it used to like back in the days of the Nemesis. He used to terrify me.

cervantes992712d ago

I think to accomplish that goal Swillo, they would have to remove the mandatory co-op from the single player. Leave co-op as an option for those who enjoyed it, but RE needs to go back to feeling like your alone and have no idea what is around the next corner.

LordMegatron2712d ago

I feel the same way, Mr. X used to scare the hell out
of me when I played part 2's B scenario

fantasygamer2712d ago

BRING BACK THE SURVIVAL HORROR ASPECT! and the zombies and Biological monsters like Tyrent, Nemesis and the others.

GodsHand2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It's too predictable, make the enemy spawn points random.

SinnedNogara2712d ago

Better than Power Ranger Jill :P

8bit_Nes_Rambo2712d ago

Implement move and shoot mechanics and make larger areas for exploration, bring back the horror and atmosphere. Simple really.

KwietStorm2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I think the smaller, claustrophobic areas areas are actually a big part of that atmosphere. Larger, open areas give you more of a sense of easy escape. That's my opinion anyway. The first area of Resident Evil 4 in the village with the fog and dead trees was really the only good horror atmosphere in the whole game.

Pintheshadows2712d ago

I agree completely. Having claustrophobic enviroments really ups the tension and panic. I also want to see less ammunition so you have to pick and choose your battles. Oh, and a melee system which isn't a complete joke.

I think they also need to find a new creepier environment. Africa in the sunshine (as nice as it looked) isn't scary or atmospheric at all. I'd quite like a depressing drab rainy enviroment to really drill the point of hopelessness home.