Naughty Dog gets chatty with Bungie, Infinity Ward

Uncharted 3 dev 'happy to help other studios'

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WhiteLightning2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

No offense but they make Uncharted 2 sound like it was a mess. I thought it was perfect before the 1.5 patch and now we've been stuck with all this content which, being honest, dosen't make it feel like Uncharted. I always feel like the U2 beta was better then the U3 one...and yes I can remember that far back because I'm not one for online, Uncharted 2 is the only online game I've really enjoyed and the first I got into.

I think I'll play U3 online for a while then I'll go and play on Hardcore mode then after that I see myself going back to U2. I just feel like ND are, instead of listening to U2 veterans feedback, there pushing us into hardcore mode, to silence many times can you state something about U3's online then you get the same reply "Well theres hardcore mode". Thanks it really sounds like your taking my feedback into account.

Everything I've said is just my opinion, nothing more.

-Alpha2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I know you and I were both worried about UC3.

I think I'm heavily satisfied with UC3. I miss the simplicity of UC2 a lot: the game either needs more players (6-12) or they really need to give us back the smaller, simpler maps from UC2. The maps for UC3 are quite big and I'd like to see more symmetrical maps or ones similar to UC2's simplicity. Fingers crossed for retro DLC.

I think they handled things like kickbacks really well. I had a lot of worry that they'd pull an MW2 on us. I think paid boosters are a bad idea. There are enough advantages for high-level players and I dont think PBs should be one of them.

Personally I think they did a fabulous job and I think UC2 had to evolve from what it used to be. They added/borrowed a lot from COD especially this time around (always felt Halo was the biggest influence for UC2) but I think they did things right and didn't go batsh*t crazy like IW did with MW2 (throwing a bunch of crap in and not caring about balance)

My biggest gripe right now is auto-lock on blindfire accuracy and lack of 6 v 6. Just feels wrong to not have a buddy :(

WhiteLightning2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I don't mind the change but it dosen't keep me on as long as what Uncharted 2 does.

My biggest complaints are the loadsouts in Hardcore defeats the point, the kickbacks in general (they honestly don't do nothing for me), why don't they limit it to one use per match/game, then people will have to think about when they use them. I can earn 3-4 RPG kickbacks a match....the medals are way too much, I mean "Sunday Stroll", "In Cover" basicalyt pointless ones for doing nothing.

I knew it had to evolve I just didn't want it to evolve with the help of COD, I wanted it to be as unique as it felt when U2 came out, now it's like a third person improved COD, I think that's what makes me loose interest. As I've said the biggest problem is that you state your complaint and you just get told to go on hardcore mode, for a guy who's been there since the beginging on Uncharted 2...thanks ND, even here on N4G (as for the disagrees), you state something bad about Uncharted and you'll get disagreed to death, even though I stated it was my opinion on it.

The things I do like are the Co-Op Missions and the character customization...only for the clothing though, again the weapons mods just make it "My weapon is better then yours" when you get killed by a high leveled player"

Oh well at least you've came to like it Alpha :)

MaxXAttaxX2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Like 'BeaArthur' bellow said. I like the fact that the maps are more vertical and emphasize Uncharted's platforming elements. Maps felt a bit flat on UC2.

BUT I also agree that they're a little too big. UC2 map size was good. Felt a bit tighter.

Other than that, people are making too big of a deal out of loadouts and boosters.
And no it doesn't make it "My weapon is better than yours" because anyone can get them. With that attitude I'd find it hard to enjoy a game and have fun.


You mention Hardcore Mode but then go on to talk about kickbacks.... There are no kickbacks in Hardcore Mode. Sorry if I read that wrong.

Hardcore Mode is basically like UC2's bare bones Deathmatch.


I didn't know blind fire had auto-lock. for run and gun you aim with the camera. Most people complain about the lack of accuracy from blind fire(behind cover).

BeaArthur2625d ago

Yeah 1.05 ruined U2 but U3 feels a lot like U2 before 1.05. I was a little skeptical of the more sluggish movement style at first, but after extensive playtime I would say that U3 is on par with U2 from a gamplay perspective. I especially like the fact that the maps are more vertical and less linear. There are clearly bugs that need to be worked out but overall I'm very satisfied with the beta.

-Alpha2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

So sad what 1.05 did. I just still facepalm that they didn't just make a crushing playlist for the health whiners

UC2 still stands amazingly on its own, but the health really kills it for me

Also, the new trophies for MP DLC has turned everybody into boosters. I hate Plunder matches in UC2, thankfully they are going to find a way to discourage boosting in UC3's plunder which I think is amazing without power weapons

DFresh2624d ago

Sorry if you suck at playing the game.
A true Uncharted fan should be able to adjust to anything.
UC2/UC3 are different but that's what makes them new.

WhiteLightning2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

Don't come off sounding like a dick

I don't suck I'm just voicing my opinions on the game

"A true Uncharted fan should be able to adjust to anything"

No...a true Uncharted fan or a fan of anything, will be able to pick out the good things AND the flaws. Saying you should Adjust just because your a fan of the game makes you sound like your forcing yourself to like it or any new changes in the game whether or not there good. If people were like you, then we wouldn't be able to get good feed back on the beta so ND can change things to balance things out.

subtenko2625d ago

NaughtyDog are perfectionist and the Elite of the gaming industry. F YEA! B-) This is how you progress, you keep outdoing your self and you compete with the best all for fun! If no one pushes themselves and worked harder, games would not progress.

Agree or Disagree if you agree :)

ryhanon2625d ago

I disagreed because I agree. Just following instructions.

consolez_FTW2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

HA! Subtenko should of worded that better.
Grammer Nazi's! where are you!?

subtenko2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

@ consolez_FTW nah, at the time of this reply I have 19 agrees. So everyone knows its true, I just made it easier on people to actually agree with the truth instead of hiding the truth B-)

oh and Im not worried about grammar nazis, they slip up most of the time and dont include apostrophes too. I type fast tho..but trust me, this is all for *puts on sunglasses* AMERICA!

Agree or disagree if you live on Planet Earth,lol

ryhanon2624d ago

"at the time of this reply I have 19 agrees."

Uhm, no... oh, wait... I see what you did there. Cheeky monkey.

Muffins12232620d ago

They dont sell like the elite of the gaming industry and dont have a really bi fan base like cod battfiled halo or gears or lbp

Raven_Nomad2625d ago

Only makes sense to talk to people who know how to do online games the way those two companies do.

telekineticmantis2625d ago

No one's crying out for a new playstation, only in your head. Leave this generation alone, it's better than it's predecessors.

omi25p2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Its an awful generations.

Its shown that developers hardly have to make an effort and make billions, Its shown that you can make even more money by cutting parts out parts of the game to sell separately, Its shown that if you cant afford a game on release and buy preowned you have to spend extra just to access the other half of the game.

Its been a sad time for gaming.

telekineticmantis2625d ago

The article was about hardware. I was speaking of hardware and it's potetial for longevity Wrong

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