Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock: IGN AU Review

IGN writes: "First things first. This new Les Paul guitar feels like a million bucks. You get it out of the box, snap the neck into the base and right away it's love at first strum. The new guitar has a weight to it lacking in all the previous Guitar Hero guitars, and looks and feels much more serious"

"So that's reason one to buy Guitar Hero III. Reason two, obviously enough, is that you now have a massive new playlist to learn and rock out to. In our minds it's not the best yet in the series (we still have a serious soft spot for the first title's selection) but it's damn good nonetheless, and with so many more master recordings this time around you'll spend a lot less time cringing at the cover band's performances."

"Reason three, is simply that Neversoft - the new developer at the helm - has done a good job keeping the core essence of the game intact. While that means the team hasn't really tried to shake things up, at least it's quickly come up to speed on the series, and has churned out some pretty good tabulation for the vast majority of songs."

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