Rockstar working on new handheld game, features 'complex hand-to-hand systems'

SystemLink: "Rockstar are known for their secrecy. Rumour has it that the blinds in Rockstar North's Edinburgh office are permanently shut to prevent anyone peeking in from the overlooking Calton Hill, and they keep any games they have in development under strict lock and key. We're just glad that's not the same for trademarks. Whilst Grand Theft Auto V is reported to be 'well under development' and Agent is in multiplatform limbo, Rockstar surely have more titles on the way, right? Short answer: most likely. And SystemLink can exclusively reveal some details on a possible new game."

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PhilipLarkin2378d ago

GTA V on DS? Well, that would be something...

DarkCharizard_2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


EDIT: Wow its really very stupid of you to disagree. Do you really think they'll make the game for DS? Didn't think so..

Antholex2378d ago

If you read the article you'll see why he's thinking DS rather than 3DS...

WhiteLightning2378d ago

Can they not do San Andreas stories for the PSV where we play a younger Sweet, like how in Vice City you played Lances older brother Vic.

DarkCharizard_2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

They should make a new assassin's creed :P

kidnplay2378d ago

Ahem... that's Ubisoft. ;)

Come along people, nothing to see here...

consolez_FTW2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Yeah, R* should make a new assassins creed...LOL
Judging from your comment history I'm not surprised your not familiar with developers. Maybe if you'd quit trololing you'd know your devs by now.

Apotheosize2378d ago

hmm, maybe Agents a Vita game

marioPSUC2378d ago

would like to see some more GTA games on the handhelds, but I really want to see a new GTA on consoles

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