Final Fantasy Versus XIII Development Clarification

For Final Fantasy Versus fans who have been waiting since 2006 to get their hands on Tetsuya Nomura’s new role playing game for the PS3, hearing that the game was currently in “pre-production” stages was a bit hard to believe.

Nomura stated as much in a brief interview with Famitsu but apparently what he actually meant got lost in translation.

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Misterhbk2477d ago

This is GREAT news! Hopefully it's released in Q1 or Q2 of 2012.

Dart892477d ago

Yahoooooo..idk maybe they should release during the drought season of gaming next year so it could pick up maybe a few more sells idk what do you guys think??

MaxXAttaxX2477d ago

And they better stop showing stuff behind closed doors.
Pisses me off :P

Surfaced2477d ago

Q1 is too close to the XIII-2 release date.

I'm guessing Q3 or Q4 2012.

Misterhbk2477d ago

That's true, I didn't think about that, but Q2 is still a possibility. I'd say Q3 at the very latest, unless they want to wait and take advantage of Holiday sales.

Nate-Dog2477d ago

Yeah and tbh even if they say it's entering it's final development stages I don't see it being ready that soon, just look at the lack of footage and news we've had in around 7 years, I don't think this'll be as swift as some people may think.

MaxXAttaxX2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

It can never be close enough. We've waited long enough and I'd take that game now! LOL

Besides, FFXIII-2's hype(if any) will fade within a month after it's released.
Believe me, after FFXIII-2, it's all eyes on Versus.

trenso12476d ago

yea i hope it breaks the summer drought of games that way it will be able to get sales without dampening ff13-2 sales because i know if i had to choose versus would always come first

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ReservoirDog3162477d ago

Can't wait till the Tokyo Game Show...

RedDead2476d ago

I bet it will not make TGS, either S-E production Party behind closed doors or E3 next year however S-e will be shitting news all over the place once FFXIII-2 is out. Reason it ain't been shown is because of the other 2(which is why there will be little news at Tgs and JF12)

I was wrong the other day aswell, I assume Full production was ya know earlier, it's actually Beta. Which means the game is almost finished. Although Voices still need to be done, they have 6 months in this year, which is more than enough time to get that done( FFXIII took like 7-8 months)

Still i'm betting 2 or 3 quarter for release Jp at least.

iamtehpwn2477d ago

Now will you always please stop Bitching about Versus XIII on every Square Enix related Article?

News Article: "Nomura got a new hair cut."

Rage_S902477d ago

It's a legitimate question

Whitefox7892476d ago

^^ it is a very good question :D.

Either way looking forward to it I can wait however long it comes out as long it is within my lifetime. Soon as that release date is announced going preorder asap.

hiredhelp2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

how long has this been now.
@ whitefox780 thanks for the heads up there. but kinda confused, im sure they stated this was due out not long after the last finial fantasy that was on 360 and ps3.
that was wot like nearly 2 years now ?

Whitefox7892476d ago

Well if you read the article it said since 2006 so probably nearly 5 years in development. With Nomura spending majority of his time on the first 2 year developments on FF13 and then the other 2 years to make it multiplatform.

zeddy2476d ago

it wasent even in full production?! what?! they might awell forget it.

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Nate-Dog2477d ago

If it's true then good news (well, considering how long things have taken so far). I'm looking forward to this title so much but I honestly have wondered in the past few months if it was ever going to be released or if it could match the hype after so many years and since I think for a lot of people (well, for everyone that hasn't already given up on them) Square Enix's reputation is on the line with this title.

Here's hoping we'll get some sort of news at TGS.

Hozi892476d ago

At first I wondered if the long dev. cycle will damper it's sales but FF is a huge franchise and it's got so many fans. Square-Enix is also one of those Genuine quality game makers.So I think it will still sell like Crazy.

Duke Nukem failed because there was a very small team working on it for a long time. Like 15 people I think, and judging from the look of Versus 13, nothing is gonna beat it in terms of graphics anytime soon.

Nate-Dog2476d ago

True, plus (at least as far as we know) it's an exclusive, and some people will buy almost anything if it's an exclusive even if they don't have a big interest in it lol.

nightmarex1212477d ago

That goods to hear, cant wait for this game.

Da One2477d ago

Thank god, it'll probably 2013 Q1, Christmas 2012 if we're lucky.

josephayal2477d ago

Cant wait to see the XBOX 360 and WII U version

Snakefist302477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Just Dream!

BTW Versus cant come to the 360 or wii u cause they have to dumped the white engine which was made only for the PS3.If they want to make it multiplatform they have to dump the white engine and create a new engine which will take even more time.

ReservoirDog3162477d ago

"take even more time"

It has taken a lot of time for this game to get made by the way.

Either way, it's irrelevant. I just really wanna play it and I'll buy it on my PS3 anyways.

iamtehpwn2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

What you said is True but not for what you're thinking, SnakeFist.

Versus can't really go multiplatform at least not Xbox360... Not because it's using the "White engine", that's dissolved into Crystal tools and made a uniform multiplatform engine. However, Crystal Tools DOES preform better on PS3 because the optimization that went into White engine is available on PS3 (Thats why FFXIII on Ps3 runs at a significantly higher resolution and preforms a lot better)

With that said, because it's Exclusive, Versus XIII uses Crystal Tool's optimization for PS3 to the maximum. It also make usage of PS3's bluray disc in a way that XIII didn't; an Open World. this means 360 users will have to switch discs upon revisiting areas.

As for Wii U...It's not impossible if it's specs are higher than PS3's, but it's just not lucky considering how much they've already progressed as a PS3 exclusive.

stonecold32477d ago

theres no xbox 360 port whats so ever nomura dosent have the time to do a 360 port . as he want to work on kh3 once ffvs 13 is finished .

GoldPS32477d ago

I don't know why you guys disagreeing with josephayal. I would like FFV13 to be exclusive to PS3 but it will not. FF13 was supposed to be PS3 exclusive too but it didn't. It cost too much money to make games now so you can bet FFV13 will be on 360 and maybe ported to Wii U. They probably already made a 360 port.

Taz Yamauchi2477d ago

I disagreed with him for the same reason I'm going to disagree with you

tiffac2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

No, no ports of the game. It will cause more delays. Just get the game out already >.<

just_sayin2477d ago

Who cares let the 360 fans have it too.Just as long the box cover looks like this
Xbox 360 Finsl Fantasy Versus XIII
PS3 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Complete Edition

tiffac2477d ago

Just let it come out first before porting it at least, lets lessen the delay >.<

zero_cool2476d ago

it's still exclusive to playstation 3 & that's where it should stay because i don't want this one to be scaled down in size or quality just so they can bring it to the dam 360!

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