Australian Classification Reform: Have you had your say?

Next Thursday and Friday is set to be two of the most important days of the past decade for Australian gamers, as the decision will be made once and for all if the country will receive the adults-only classification for video games. Aussie gamers across the country have campaigned long and hard for this classification.

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The Great Melon2714d ago

Gaming in Australia has been shafted far too much. I wish you luck Australia.

rjgbyrne2714d ago

I had my say and I can tell you, the form is a joke. Its so over the top and descriptive you would need a degree to understand some of the questions. It seems to me the Christian Lobby Group have put it together, its a Joke Australia. The Federal Government need to step in and just fix this issue. It makes me ashamed of being Irish Catholic but I am because of the lessons of the bible, life lessons that guide you to be a good human being in life... not this corproate message the Pope Inc. send out with their filthy priests and naysayers like the ACL.