5 Reasons Why The Battlefield 3 VS. Modern Warfare 3 Argument Makes Zero Sense

GB: "Gamers are generally a competitive bunch, and the fact that competitive online multiplayer games sell like hot cakes is clear evidence of this. It tends to extend outside the game though. Not content with shooting each other in the head virtually, many fans take the competitive spirit to the forums with endless debates on what is the superior console, game or franchise. The latest in this never ending spiral of arguing is the debate between whether the upcoming Battlefield or Modern Warfare games are superior. In an attempt to calm down the proceedings, here are five reasons why the whole argument isn’t worth your time."

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Nawert2707d ago

I'm getting both, I win.

ATiElite2707d ago

BF3 = Strategic online warfare.
COD = Twitch gaming with modern weapons.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2707d ago

I don't get why the author had to pad the article with five reasons. The first and fifth should be compelling enough for anyone with more than three brain cells.

AngelicIceDiamond2707d ago

Buy what u want and have a great time, I'm gettin both so I'll be having fun instead of stressing over the other product.

bloodybutcher2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

i think it´s funny that you get disagrees for, is´s sad.

bloodybutcher2705d ago

i mean that someone disagreed with you saying that you are getting both games.or maybe with you saying that people should buy what they want.

bozebo2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

"with Battlefield games being won or lost entirely based on team dynamics"

No... One decent player will cause their team to win 10 times in a row in BC2. Same with CoD. And I am saying that from experience on 32 player servers, it is very easy to have all the enemies paying attention waiting to respawn while you own a bomb site on your own.

Also, BC2 on PC is a broken console port that is still full of bugs that they totally refuse to fix (because EA wants all hands on deck to get as much money as possible, bug fixes don't make money).

But anyway, the author is right. Arguing between the 2 games doesn't make much sense. I will be getting neither on launch because I don't trust either to not be buggy like most AAA games, I will buy one or both depending on the prevelance of bugs and if MW3 has dedis. The other factors are meh, they are both good games... apart from the bugs.

Septic2707d ago

I just want the games......

AngelicIceDiamond2707d ago

Same here bro....(sigh)...same here.

HavenDan2707d ago

I think you pretty much summed up all our feelings

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