How far should developers go to make great games?

OXM considers the L.A. Noire/Team Bondi work ethic scandal, and asks whether it's ever worth punishing your staff to deliver a fantastic game.

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news4geeks2686d ago

'til death do they part with their game.

ATiElite2686d ago

Developers need to go 30 light years further than what they are going now.

We still have the chosen few that are GREAT but for the most part the rest of the Devs are COOKIE CUTTER!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2686d ago

We, as gamers, want great games, but I see no reason to place excessive strain on the dev team. Maybe the publishers should rethink issuing deadlines. Give the devs as much time as they need, and the games might come slower, but they'll be 100% finished.

No more deadlines=no more crunch time=considerably fewer bugs + significantly better games.

UnwanteDreamz2686d ago

My opinion wont be popular and I don't care.

Devs, if you think you are overworked and under- appreciated do what the rest of the world has to. Suck it up or figh to change it. Please stop looking for sympathy from fans. Be adults about it instead of helpless children. People act as if there is a gun to their heads. BS wanna work better hours? Change jobs.

Truth is they think they should be special because they make games that millions play. I don't hear cries of better treatment for factory workers who make and ship consoles.

Voxelman2686d ago

I have heard several cries for better treatment for factory workers who make and ship consoles...

rabidpancakeburglar2686d ago

As far as the end of the garden is for an agoraphobic person.

Ramas2686d ago

I will never buy nothing from Team Bondi again. Maybe rent if game is good at best.

csreynolds2686d ago

"Our game's worth £50" far...

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