Epic: Apps killing triple-A games? Don't be daft.

Epic has used its Unreal University event in London to encourage the next generation of developers to stand out from the crowd - by building more ambitious triple-A games, rather than just cheap 'casual' distractions. (Via its Unreal Development Kit, naturally.)

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air12709d ago

Told you you wouldnt be missed THQ!

Go make your cheap 1 minute thrill games for a buck.

Reibooi2709d ago

Finally glad to see a Dev get off the band wagon and say whats true. Little apps or Iphone games are not and never will kill the big triple A games and the thought of such is just laughable. Sure they make a good amount of money but the market they are appealing to is 100% different then that of the Triple A game market. It's like saying Books are killing Triple A games. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Rainstorm812709d ago

Finally, a dev stepped up and said the truth....

LMAO at calling them apps and not games

dark-hollow2709d ago

who ever said that those games that played while waiting in the bus is gonna somehow kill the AAA high budget games is laughable!

they are aimed at total differente crowds. it is like saying TV shows is gonna kill the movies industry.

hazelamy2709d ago

plenty of people have suggested that casual mobile games would destroy the more traditional gaming.

i couldn't agree less.
personally i think casual gaming will bring more people into gaming rather than stealing people away.

they'll play casual games when they wouldn't have considered games before, and then upon discovering they enjoy it they might look for more involving experiences.
which is where the more traditional gaming comes in.