11-year-old sends Codemasters some DiRT 2 fan art, gets DiRT 3 in return

SystemLink: "Let it never be said that games companies are heartless, cold and evil world rulers (Well, except for Activision. Hurr durr). Codemasters received some fan art from an 11-year-old who obviously loves their DiRT 2. What did they get in return?"


Codemasters released the fan art! Check it out in the link.

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Pikajew2624d ago

devs do this so people would like them

Elwenil2624d ago

This Codemasters must be in a different dimension than the one who created Dragon Rising and then marketed it with lies.

TheOtherTheoG2623d ago

Codemasters 101: There's the good half, or in other words the half that makes racing games, like the Colin McRae, Race Driver and F1 series', all fantastic games, and then there's the other half, that makes Operation Flashpoint, Damnation, Leisure Suit Larry, etc. So yes, they are in a different dimension, technically speaking.

Bonobo123452623d ago

Codmasters is the metaphorical dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of the gaming industry.

TVippy2623d ago

Riiiight... so fucking altruistic. Why make a story out of it if they're SO good? It's just a PR stunt. All they did was making news about the game for almost free (several bucks for a copy for them).

novcze2623d ago

Hopefully they gave him all released DLC as well.

rajman2624d ago

I want to see the art the kid did

GirlsGeneration2624d ago

lol that's amazing artwork : )

Why o why2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

i clicked

i laughed

funny pic is damn funny


what miserable basta*d put a disagree on the whole line. Sad sad miserable individual

consolez_FTW2624d ago

Man, that 11 year old must have felt on top of the world!Well, at least I would of if I were 11 and this happened.

wallis2624d ago

I find you get more free stuff if you email them pictures of you sleeping under their bed in cosplay.

PhilipLarkin2624d ago

That just gets you arrested.

TheOtherTheoG2624d ago

PhilipLarkin's right, you know. Ain't trying that **** again, I'm telling ya' :)

PhilipLarkin2624d ago

Pfft, don't listen to them. When a man gets the urge to hide under Todd Howard's bed naked...he's just gotta go through with it, y'know?

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The story is too old to be commented.