Relic's James McDermott believes that some people want PC to go away

DSOGaming writes: "It's pretty well known that piracy is PC gaming's biggest enemy - well, that is if we don't count Microsoft but still. A lot of developers and publishers have suffered from it and let's not count the various leaks that we've seen these past days. As a result of that, some developers who were mainly focused on PC have opted plans for multiplatform games and according to James McDermott, some people may want PC to simply go away."

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Saryk2709d ago

PC gaming will never go away. As I have stated in the past, if every developer left PC today, someone would take their place.

sonicsidewinder2709d ago

It'll never go away. As long as i still draw breath!

BeastlyRig2709d ago

Yeah I have seen people on this site that hate pc gamers getting a version of a multiplat games that started on pc.. they are lame..

BubbleSniper2709d ago

lame? they're complete imbeciles with no knowledge of history regarding certain games starting out on PC.

System Shock? PC. Fallout? PC. Doom? PC again.

sonicsidewinder2709d ago

Cus apparently Fallout 3 is the first Fallout game.

Console Trash Noob: Have you played Fallout? It's SO COOL! I love VATS me I do!

PC ME HEAD: Yes, i loved the game. Finally finding that water chip and saving my vault was so rewarding.

Console Trash Noob: Wut? I didn't find that quest. Is there an achievement for that?


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