Ubisoft: Far Cry 3 To 'Recapture Far Cry DNA'

NowGamer asks Ubisoft what they think of Crytek's disappointment of the way they have handled the Far Cry license. They respond, and reveal that the game has random missions like Red Dead.

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skyward2682d ago

FC3 Looks much more like Far Cry 1 - and Crysis in some ways...

BakedGoods2682d ago

I don't care what Crytek says. Far Cry 3 looks incredible--if Crytek says it isn't "true FarCry DNA" then I don't what that DNA in the first place.

trainsinrdr2682d ago

as long as it doesnt have another abrupt ending that you cant continue from -_-

tsunami9012682d ago

Just don't bring back the monkeys. They still scare the shit out of me.

sonicsidewinder2682d ago

"Crysis 2 is spectacular"
No need to ass kiss. It was a crap game in comparison to C1.

As for Far Cry 3. It looks like what i expect far cry to be.
Jungle, sneaking. I'm really impressed with what they've done with the machete mechanics.

Trying to use that knife on Far Cry 2 was just bullshit, cus the enemy knew were you were when you were in a certain distance of them, even from behind, regardless of weather you sneaked, walked or crouched; meaning when you sliced them, everyone else would know were you were.

= Pointless as fuck.

Far Cry 3, you can knife them, grab hold of them, and what looks like drag them around.


eraursls842682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I'm not sure what your saying about knife issues in fc2, I had no problem sneaking up on people and taking 3 guys out before they even noticed me.

The drag feature would be nice to remain hidden longer

sonicsidewinder2682d ago

dunno who disagree'd with you there but,

It was strange. If you snuck up behind a person, as long as you got within a certain distance of the npc, they would know you were there, turn around and start shooting.

When you got close enough to use the knife, during the slicing animation, the enemy would come to know you were there.

This doesnt even take into account, you had to slice them once, let them drop on the floor to start screaming were you were before you could slice again to kill them.

Most dumbassed moments of FC2.

Slice an enemy,

"Aghh! I've been Shot!"

¬_¬? *knifed*