Why Bioshock Infinite Is Not Coming Out on the Wii U

"In a new interview over on IGN, Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine has announced that they currently have no plans to develop Bioshock Infinite, or any games, on the Wii U."- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2628d ago

Well, that's easy. Wii U is going to be a ridiculous gimmicky system.

qwertyz2628d ago

yeah the 3ds and wii are gimmicky but we still don't know much about wii u so I'll reserve my judgment for now.

theonlylolking2628d ago

Wii U is nintendos way of saying Wii F U

ChickeyCantor2626d ago

its gimmicky how?
It provides standard controls as well, there is just an extra input on there.

So what are you complaining about?

yavorsv2628d ago

who gives a shit. keep hating on nintendo. :)

AWBrawler2626d ago

Great need hate to survive